Political Party Time Fundraiser in the News

A fundraiser for: Ready for Hillary News source: http://www.tboblogs.com/index.php/news/story/localeffort-for-hillary-2016-cranks-up/ Event description: Fundraiser/Information Session Location: Mise en Place, 442 W. Kennedy Blvd #110, Tampa, FL 33606 Date/ time: 5:30-7:30 p.m., Oct. 22, 2013 Cost: Hosts and other lawmakers: Former Mayor Sandy Freedman City Council member Harry Cohen Clerk of Court Pat Frank Justin Day Stacy Frank Alan Clendenin Craig Smith Andrew Korge

Additional information:

Political  Party  Time  is  brought  to  you  by  the  Sunlight  Foundation  
Source: Sunlight Foundation's Party Time www.politicalpartytime.org. The Sunlight Foundation collects these invitations from anonymous lobbyist sources.