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Grade Two News

October 2013

It is hard to believe we have been in school for more than a month already! Our grade 2 routines are in full swing and we are enjoying an active, busy fall at school. Thank you to all families who have sent in tissues, baby wipes and hand sanitizer. Hopefully this will help us all stay healthy! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your families. Our Book of Class Prayers will be in circulation soon and will be sent home with each child to share with their family. Please feel free to add a comment about what you are thankful for on the back of your childs prayer page. Please continue to check and sign the agenda on a daily basis to track your childs homework and to k eep updated on any school events. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued support.

We have been learning that good readers use their schema (or prior knowledge) to help them make predictions and connections when they read. You can help your child practice these reading strategies at home by asking them to think about the title and pictures before he or she reads and use what they know to make predictions about the text before and during reading. As your child reads, ask them if they can make any connections to the story. Text to Text Connections are when you connect what you have read to another book. Text to Self Connections are when you connect what you have read to your own life (a time you felt the same as the character) Text to World Connections are how you connect the reading to events happening in our world. In writing, we are continuing to work at applying the conventions of capitals and punctuation in our daily writing. We are also learning to expand our simple sentences by using linking words (because, and, also, but) and are beginning to write super or juicy sentences using adjectives, nouns, verbs and some of the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why).

We are working on mental math strategies for adding and subtracting facts to 20 (making ten, doubles, doubles plus one or -1). Students are also learning place value and breaking down 2-digit numbers into tens and ones (e.g. 34 can be 3 tens and 4 ones or 2 tens and 14 ones). They are also practicing showing 2-digit numbers in a variety of ways. At home, you can encourage your child to look for and read numbers on houses, signs and billboards or in store windows. Skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s and 25s up to 200 when you are in the car or walking to school will also benefit your child. Challenge them by starting at numbers other than 0 (e.g. count by 2s to 120 starting at 64).

Religion/Fully Alive
In Religion we have started unit on belonging which is titled: Lets Come Together. Our Fully Alive unit focuses on how we are all created unique and special and all loved by God.

With the arrival of Fall we ask that children come prepared for all kinds weather. In fall it is best to dress in layers eg. a t-shirt, sweater and a jacket to allow for sudden changes in the weather. Children do go outside when there is a light drizzle, so warm jackets and boots are needed. Please ensure all items are labeled clearly with your childs name so they can be returned if lost or mixed up. The Grade Two Team

We have started our unit on Matter: Liquids and Solids and will be investigating the properties of each through some hands on experiments.