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Dec 1 Update

Dec 1 Update

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Published by: Nathaniel Adams on Oct 11, 2013
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Dec. 1, 6012 update 1.

You are witnessing the collapse of the government because now the states have applied to cede from them. Legally, they have every right. It just shows the racism. 2. When Paa Nadjar-u departed, their children said, “We’re going to set up communication.” So they set up Pyramids that sent out microwave signals to Orion. You see you had to be on your right tones and frequencies so that you didn’t get set on the wrong stations. The telephone uses microwaves signals for communication. When you look down at the Earth, all the pyramids and towers look like a computer board. The Pyramids also serve as a generator to charge ships. 3. Certain stars contribute to sending out negative tones to the next generation with the use of the harmonica and nasal singing. 4. You don’t overstand the power of your ancestors. Why? Because you have been Christianized or shall I say Crystallized. 5. They lost a signal when the Twin Towers went down. The Twin Towers kept them in touch with the Kulab star system and the angel Moroni. 6. The lineage of the Asians that came over and mixed in with the natives are as follows: The Chinese came to Alaska and mixed in to become the Navajo. Japanese came to America and became the Hopi and the Koreans came to South America and mixed in with those natives. 7. You can look at your teeth and tell if you are supposed to be a meat eater or a vegetarian. People with sharp teeth have teeth for tearing meat whereas people with flat edged teeth would be more suitable for eating vegetation. Now a lot of people have flat edged teeth with the sharp teeth on the sides or what they call canine teeth. That is why you normally have two vegetables on your dinner plates and you always usually have one meat. 8. They don’t call the Quakers, or the Amish, or the Mormons a cult. Why? Because they’re Caucasian. 9. America has nothing to offer the world in exports. December is really a scary month for America because they don’t make toys. The only profit America is well known for is the beef industry. These types of industries are more jobs created for the middle class down. Upper class careers are becoming scarce. President Obama broke down that wall that protected the elite. 10. 10,000 years ago, T.V. didn’t exist so entertainment was your dreams.* 11. The fish are coming out of the water with skin cancer. 12. During the winter you should chant from 9p.m. to 9a.m. and During the Summer Solstice chanting should be from 9a.m. to 9 p.m. 13. Repeat this: Paút (pronounced Put) Kawun Huhi. ̇ Say it again, Paút

̇ Again. ̇ Now that’s transformation chanting. Paút Kawun Huhi.Kawun Huhi. .

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