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Blockbuster Sales Letter 1-9-06

Blockbuster Sales Letter 1-9-06


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Blockbuster Sales Letter
Blockbuster Sales Letter

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Published by: Vexy on Jul 22, 2009
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Never try to sell two things in a direct mail package.
The mind can grasp one thing at most. You would never want to
say, “From me, you can buy a BMW or toothpaste.”
Sell one product, one service. And be as specific as possible.
Specialists make more money than generalists. Neurosurgeons make
more money than general practitioners. The more narrow your focus,
the more successful you will be. People want a plumber to fix their
plumbing problem, not a jack-of-all-trades handyman.
Narrow is the gate to paradise. Focus your message like a laser.
And keep it simple. This rule is Direct Marketing 101.
By the way, catalogues are not an exception to this rule.
Catalogues, of course, sell more than one thing. They sell many
different items. But successful catalogues are really selling one
overarching idea or theme. Successful catalogues sell one image, one
theme, one concept. And all the products should fit into that theme, or

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So, in the final analysis, even catalogues must sell a single, narrow
theme to be successful, and not try to be all things to all people (for
example, Sharper Image, LL Bean, Lands’ End). The more a catalogue
company diverts from its single easy-to-understand theme and tries to
become all things to all people, the quicker it will fail—for example,

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