The Innovation & Learning Center October 2013 Up-date

The Innovation & Learning Center (ILC) is moving faster than any of us thought. Progress todate: 1. KCC and Lake County Commissioners MOU has been signed 2. LCSD#7 and KCC MOU has been signed 3. Oregon Solutions Project designated by Governor Kitzhaber has been completed. Go to publications to view the signed Declaration of Cooperation. 4. Agreement is in place with Oregon State University (OSU) to provide a four year Ag degree program at ILC 5. Daily Middle School (DMS) Facility Assessment has been completed 6. Grant funds are being pursued 7. Needs assessment has been completed 8. KCC is pursuing funding for video conferencing equipment and committed 6 computers to the computer lab 9. KCC has established an office in the south wing of DMS until the seismic work is completed on the north wing 10. KCC has hired Christy Tveit to run the KCC Lakeview Campus at the ILC on a half-time bases and is considering advertising the position for full time

11. Currently Christy has 33 students signed up for classes taking 313 credits

12. Geothermal source project is on track to provide geothermal heating to all LCSD#7 facilities by next fall including ILC 13. A financial plan to compete the remodel of DMS is underway 14. LCSD#7 school board is working with Obsidian Renewables on a solar project that would net meter the supervisor’s office, Lakeview High School and the ILC. If approved this would provide those facilities 80% of their electrical needs for the next 20 years at no cost beyond the purchase of the system in 2018-2019