Daily Movement Series

Hula Hoop Hip Circles Pelvic Tilts and Rolls Front and Back Bends Lateral Bends Qi Gong Waist-Twists Spinal Waves Shoulder Shrugs Front and Side Shoulder Swings

Marching Segmented Rolls

Dynamic Warmup/Stability Work
Neck Series
Kneeling Forward Neck Nods Kneeling Neck Twists

Plank Series
Alternating Front to Side Plank on Elbows Alternating Hand/Foot Three Point Planks

Glute Bridge Series Glute Bridge Aleteranting Leg Three Point Glute Bridge Band Series Front Suspine Pull-Aparts Overhead Pull-Aparts Squat/Lunge Series Free Squats Lateral Squats Walking Lunges Jump Series Three Step Touches Jumping Jacks High Jumps Mock Jump Rope Resets Segmented Rolls Marching .