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Published by: Itzel Paniagua Ochoa on Oct 12, 2013
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tep 1: GO to the Supplementary Reading and Resource Section and look at Resource B.

Complete the questionnaire (titled, "How I Feel About Speaking in a 2nd Language). (It is in Unit 1-page 24.) Then answer the following questions: A. Do you think your students would have answered the questionnaire the same way you did? I don´t think that a regular English student could be able to understand all the pedagogical words Why or Why not? Because there are different types of learning for example we have English for specific purposes, and students are in a communicative English learning. I think because of the technical words use in those sentences no. 9, 13 and 14 are the ones that students. B. What implications might this have for your teaching and their learning? To make the difference between speaking, and include it in my planning more often without hesitating on practice more C. Of the 7 questions on the questionnaire, which do you think is most important as regards your students and your teaching situation? The interaction of learners in lessons … (7) Step 2: POST (1) your answers to A, B & C to the conference. (Days 1 and 2 – February 3 & 4) Step 3: READ as many of your classmates posts as possible. Step 4: REPLY (1) to at least 1 classmate's post with challenge or a question. (Days 3 and 4 - February 5 & 6) Step 5: REPLY (2) to any challenge or question posed to you. Remember quality is important. (Days 5 and 6 - February 7 & 8) Step 6: POST (2) – Say how this conference impacted you. February 9 & 10 ) •The tutor, as always, will post a summary of the conferen (Days 7 and 8 -

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