Africa’s dollar billionaires

How they stack up:
8 have fortunes of more than $4bn
Africa’s personal wealth is estimated at

$2.7 trillion
Its billionaires own just over 5% of all African wealth

= 1 billionaire

20 are Nigerian 9 are South African 8 are Egyptian 12 are in the oil business

5 have estimated fortunes between $3bn and $4bn

= $1bn

19 have estimated fortunes between $2bn and $3bn

11 in diversified businesses

8 in retail and manufacturing 7 in financial services 6 in telecoms 4 in mining 1 in media 1 in pharmaceuticals

20 have estimated fortunes of between $1bn and $2bn

15 have estimated fortunes of exactly $1bn

Source: Ventures Africa and Credit Suisse