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ITX-E2010 The new generation of Mini-ITX from Inter-Tech - modern, stylish and practical. The E2010 is very narrow and fits on every desk. The front door slides to a light pressure to the side and if required back again. Mini-ITX systems are very energy-saving, so that the external 84W Power Supply is sufficient to build up a powerful ITX system. Once it may be a little more power, you can also use an optional 120W Power Supply, since the internal circuit board is able to process an input voltage of up to 120W. An intelligent interior layout allows, despite the small space, an easy installation of all components. Front connectors like 2x USB 2.0 and HD-Audio round out the features.
Errors excepted. No warranty for the correctness of the information Stand: 20.06.2012

25" Slim: 2.0 and Audio connectors internal as block connector HD-Audio/AC-97 compatible Dimensions and Weight Cage Case Package Power Supply Connector Mainboard 20+4Pin P4 12V 4Pin Quantity 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x Max.2012 Height 65mm 65mm 340mm P4/EPS 4+4Pin P8 12V 8Pin PCI-Express 6+2Pin Width 295mm 295mm 130mm PCI-Express 6Pin IDE 4Pin Depth 250mm 280mm 325mm S-ATA Floppy RPM sensor cable Weight (net): 1.5" internal: USB 2.06. 120W Cable ties Screw Set Stand Plastic feet 5. Length Errors excepted.80Kg Fan Control Fan: 120mm - Certification: .Specifications Motherboard Drive Bays Front Connectors ITX 1 1 2 1 1 Shipping Unit: 1 Piece Packing Unit: 6 Pieces Case 24 Months Warranty Power Supply 24 Months Guarantee 88881141 4260133124707 84W Power Supply external Circuit board max.0: Microphone: Headphone: (adhesive) Cooling System Packing Units Guarantee and Warranty Article Number EAN-Code Scope of Delivery Features 84W Power Supply external USB 2.82Kg Weight (gross): 2. No warranty for the correctness of the information Stand: 20.

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