The Kongo language, or Kikongo

Kongo Kikongo Kongo
Shona /ˈʃoʊnə/,[4] or chiShona Shona


Shona (chiShona)
The Swahili language, or Kiswahili

Swahili Kiswahili

Swahili: Kiswahili (sw)


From the Arabic adjective ‫( سواحل‬sawāḥil, “coastal dwellers”), plural of ‫( ساحل‬sāḥil, “boundary, coast”). The ki- prefix is the language noun class of the Kiswahili language. The i suffix is said by some to be Arabic's ‫( نسبة‬nisba, “‫ي‬- suffix denoting descent or origin”), but by others to be for phonetic reasons.

Kiswahili (needs class)
1. Swahili language

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Wikipedia article on Kiswahili Swahili - English Dictionary: from Webster's Dictionary - the Rosetta Edition.

Swahili (kiSwahili)
Zulu (isiZulu in Zulu and South African English)

Zulu isiZulu

Zulu: isiZulu (zu) class 7 isiZulu Jump to: navigation. search Zulu Zulu Wikipedia has an article on: IsiZulu Noun isiZulu class 7 (uncountable) 1.2 External links . See also the Zulu language    kwaZulu KwaZuluNatal or kwaZulu-Natal (both spellings used) umZulu.1 Translations 1. amaZulu Zulu (isiZulu) Gikuyu or Kikuyu (Gikuyu: Gĩkũyũ. search Contents  1 English o o 1.1. pronounced [ɣēkōjó]) Kikuyu Gĩkũyũ Pronunciation [ɣēkōjó] Kikuyu Jump to: navigation.1 Proper noun  1.

English Wikipedia has an article on: Kĩkũyũ Proper noun Kikuyu 1. the language of this people. a Bantu people of Kenya. or Luganda (Ganda: Oluganda [oluɡaːnda] Ganda Luganda Oluganda Luganda: Oluganda Ganda (LùGáànda) Zande Zande Pazande Zande Jump to: navigation. 2. The Ganda /ˈɡændə/[3] language. search English Proper noun Zande Wikipedia has an article on: Zande .

An Ubangian language spoken by the Azande.1. French: Soussou) Soso Sosoxi Susu (Sosoxi) Soussou sosoxui . The Susu language (endonym Sosoxui.

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