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S(s-\37) WEE Rater Fie PuNrrenn Ge Tis eee be TECUASIFIED sw (SS-197: op. 854 (curt), 1062 (sum); 1, 2199" b. 208°5 de, 1911" (mean): 6 145 ke aurk), 11 (eobm.): epl 42; a er, 1" thy 81) ‘8-42 (88-197) was laid down on 12 April 1918 by the Gwin lon Works, San Branco Cle; Jnehed gp 1 Sanzary 1918; spocsored by Miss “Margacet Tyran; and coramtsione on 1s Jane 1822, 65° 5 ward Hote Jes in ormand, Soon after conimiesioning $32, assigned to Sibma zine Division Y7and homeperted at Sas Pedro, Cal, ardered to Nets London, Conn. She was decor Boned thereon 25 Septamber 1009 and after engincee ing alterations by the prime contractor, the Pisce Beat Ca anil the enzinearing sub-contractor te Steg London Sip and. Brgine Coy she was tesrtmicsoned on £1 February 1998 "Temporary duty wath Division TL then took her south to the Caribbean aed the Cone one for winter exercices with the Fleet, after which She rejoined the Soats of her divisor, ‘now Sekt "ated Divs un 16, and returned to San Pedto, ‘Daring the suromer of 1985, she participated in cold eather exersies in the. Aleutians Tn the fal, ane sumed local operations of southern Calforsa’ a that winter, she returned 9 the Canal Zone. Tr Ate? 182), she moved back to Sen Pedro, whence she oper ted'ino 1925. Early that year, however, her diveion Mas transferred to the Aslate Fest audits sobres Fines shifted to Mare Island to prepare forthe teanopa On 18 April 195, S-s2 departed San Francisco for the Philippines. She arrived at Cavite in nisanise and through the winter of 1826 conducted aca! exer {ioe in the Luzon atea. That spring, she dcpiosss fp the China coast, condueiine exercises both ent reste t9 nd from her sumer base the former German base at Reng ual fled er Selmer ty ie Philippines and completed an shal employment sthedule which she maintained for the next ax yee {In 192) Division 16 was ordered back tothe eaclern Facite, $22 departed Manila Bay on 2 May, Sad ck fhe end of the month, arrived at Peal Hevtan homepore for the next fe years. In June’ 1987, eke ‘led forthe east coast In August she reported fet Inactivation at Philadelphia and, on 7 Decwrber, the as decommissioned and berthed at League Tland Within two years, however, Europe was, at. war Hosts soon extended erots the Atlante; and, Vs ‘the sume of 1840, $-92 began activation ecommlssioned on 18 September 1940 and assirned to Division 8, S-32 conducted trials out af New Tee don through November and, in Desembes, proved to the Fanaa Canal Zone, whetes she dnersied unt April 1901" She" then returned to New ‘London “a foward the end of April, moral south again, Bee tuda, Through “Say, she ‘patraled” and foehuticl Fraining exercises out ofthe &t Georse's bass msiecd In'the destroyers for bases savecment: In late June exercises out of New London. In Septem ier, she moved down to Piadsipha for an overhaul, and, by December, she was tuck tn Connastieat With 191, horever, she received orders back ta Pana She auc at Gy al hy Rebun: isi the spring she vontucted. to defensive patra in the Pace approsctes tothe canal sd, in lune, abe pe ead fo San Diego enroute tothe Aleutians In exry Sols, she arrived at Datel Havbory snd on the 7th, She departed that Unalask base on ber frat fens ‘war patrol She patrolled the fog.eovered_ waters of Fiat land ond “Ogata passes into August; then Shifted to an area north of Attu, etornng to Dutch Hapbor on the 1th “velve days later, she departed on her fourth war atv. Moving westward, she hunted in the Japanese fe Janes betwoen Kiska and AWu during the fret ‘eek of the patra. On the Dit, leas developed in the Moe fr tank but wore corpeneated for by pacing fine tons of water inthe forward trim tanks ARoueh this meant that space wa Taft to accommadate water for only ose torpado reload, depth costal was. re ‘ined ‘andy with fuel suction silted ferwand relood ‘apablity slowly improves. On 29 Avewsh she vas at ‘Aehitka to check for enemy shipping in sheltered ‘eas on that sland’ north cost: then, on the Sst, ‘he hetded east to caver the Allied occupation of Ada ‘On 14 September, she retarned to the function cf Hat Island “std Oplala pases where she continued hee Datral for andiher she day. On the 20 she Headed Fer Dutch Harbor ‘Arriving on the 23nd, S22 departed again on 8 ctaber: Dusing’s teim div, a fuel digeepany, eau By the prevence of watar in the line during feng at Butch Harbor, was dacovered. On thy 12th the § host Fa ott reserve fon inthe Nos? an Hal tan ‘The discreyaney was approaimately 8000 gallons, but ‘5-32 continued wert, into the Kuril On the 17th, she arrived off Paramuthio and, that severing, ahe ook up station ff the southeast Coit Of the island to patrol tse entrances to Musashi Wan and Onekotan Stat On the. morning of the 18th, she Sighted two ships at anchor in Bosashi Wan?” and, afler a periscope check disclosed no other shige in the fares, she began working ber way to an attack peiion ol erpalirat orth tat, Having sol wh Short ‘and infrequent periscope expesures, eho the {alm anal poorly charted bay, abe went tp for 8 Sral heck at 1025. While Inking she strack- sm nchare ‘and bar. The Ssboat, fer tubes ready for fing an fled up 10". Her depth gauge showed 92 fest. Dring fhe nett fev secon ate il over te bs apparels ‘showing peiseope shears, bur, and, possi, the whee Schige Structure then, Gver the bar ake t's down angle at high speed At 105, she fired Er tocpadoe, faba sx fet, ere sent against each of the targets Gn fring. the fourth and Anal Ssh, she changed ‘course and maneyvered at high speed award the ones feu. Two explosions were Heard as she cleated the immediate area, At 1045, she came to periscope depth tolabserve the damage. (One ‘of the targets vas afre amidships and_ had atid Soriehat; she wae anchored in shallow water and might have been resting onthe botiom, The second target was obseared by the frst. Sv went t0 0 feet and proceaded out of te bay. At 1200, che resumed hor patrol east out of Onckotan Strait: That evening, he Rormed ‘tvard. the Aleutian ond, em the Sith; she arrive at teh Harbor ‘From Dutch Harbor, S-22 returned to) San Dieso Overhaul followed hee it November areal; and tar 21"t9 25 December, she tested nemiy:mataled “oi ment: 9 fathometer, radar, and. kel-mounted sour fear, From 28 Deceriber i0i2 to 20 January 191% she brovided services tothe West Const Sound Sebo an, gu8 Febuary se healed nor tovard Datel ar 192 Februns. be rots to ber swlgned taion of At, fhe encountered very rough seas stron wins, 1 fist ‘and fez. On the Bit, roling was measirl 9; much 2 Gio starboard Progress wist was sow; but, on 1 March, she set a our tonard file Bay to chee for enemy tip The next ay, heavy rit and for hindered her Fe fautance of Sislar Covey and she turn to the casa ‘Mipping Tavea to intercept enemy trate between Cape Wranzcll ant Hole Bay. The entrances tothe lace, to Chichagot Harter, and to Sarana Bay, homer’ Were her prinars unting grounds Om the nich of 3 Barely of Holts Bay, she attacked and attaced an enemy’ detrover, hen underwent a brief depth charg Ings Leake caused by the depth charging Were ri ign and S-2 contnaed ber patil Four nights Iter om tho 10h, seventeen miles north of Holtz Bas, she stacked an enemy submarine whee Was Tung to op the surfaey with he engines Smoking A atthe Schone we torpedes at tester a2, ane passed 30° Teet, one torpedo exploded, At 2ie0, S42 came te pericope depth, hut the fo Mad ‘land in, Te Larget nn longer sb (On the afterneon of the 38th, a steend submarine vas sightel. The weather, for tho rt time, wae sper {eet for 2 erisope approach,” AU Ti S90 heeds Uireeorgede. spread eotimsied range’ 2800 ar track angle favorable. About tro aot’ Ralf waste Ine, mae exloion wan en Iie Tory om, No ‘explosion was heard by the contre pars ‘he Sboat went to pertcepe depth. Sie tgs pore Ing skvward trom the enemy's conning tower, A pote raph vias taken of the scene ay THe damaged target Faded for tho nearest bench, At 1705, however Ge enemy, dsappenred from view. Sound reported tak the remy cores had slopped. 'S-52 deparied the Attu aea carly onthe mosring of the 7th Om the Bich she moored at Dutch Harbor and, nrc days Inter she rain sled west Enroute Ait, colt"wenther caused ing the supertticace, tnt ihe seas remsed fini cam and the sun was occasionally vibe. On 3 Hacc, however, as she 3p proached Atta, mare nermal Alestian weather closed theron Ghen to tie 6th, snow and rain store were most continuous’ were “Tough; wins. Were al perads of sunlight were lined, At ST i, le patellingen 2 north-south Ine out of Hots Bay, 812 piked up a target om radar sme 4000 ards aay. Tem minutes Iter secon Sale ship was dicted abead of te fest target Five mi tes iter the apzvarance of the secon ship ey fo Screen the ts Ship. was siete, range about 2.0 yarus Sots fe four torpedo To ety oul explo Sons were heard and were falloned by distant ror biings At wats, ata range of just over 00 yards all tracer of the ships disappeared fromthe erees On 16 SHarch, ose set a couree fer Diet Harbor gn the 2ich, she arrived ani commenced tet, On May, she ain safed weat En rste fo the Kuril she pattled sero poss le Japanese rinforement eutes EO lake snk Atta, hut simat sere iti during the passage hinJered hunting. On the 22, ahe entered et Evsignel area of Paramushira The next days she oe tained le fat x off Onetatan, anf ceneneed pa trolling across the approaches to Ontkolan Strait ard Musishi Wan. Vistblity semana! pour sess. wee fourk Ice radar, shiek lad se ott of commission ‘onthe Lith faneioned_ improperly throgetct ber thot tine an tation (n the fall the port mtn 3 Peat repair attempts file, ant the nl fur. i a and mooted st Duich Harbor on the Sind. (nm the Zit, the submarine departol the Aletians the las tine; and, an due, she afrived at Sua Rane eerer ET