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START OF REEL COE JOB NO. i SEA DIG - $5-¥0/ We & orerator Auch we (2 Ws ks THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT pate [Mor -77 NPPSO-NAVAL DISTNICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION SEE GSH) Neo Wn GeTear Tis Yo hreanc Qi Tite REEL |s DEGAS IFIED on of Naval History Dep-rtment MISTORY OF USS SEA DoD (55 401) Ranging fron tle Nancei Shoto to the "Baperor's Private ocesn SEA DOG fired her torpedoes, into the sides of depanese marus fer a total of 21469 tone sunk Hor keel wns laid on 1 Novenber 1943 tn the Navy Yard, Fortanouth, tev Hospehire. At the Igunching on 28 March 19ll,, she a christened by Mrs. Vora Lu. Lovrunce, vife of the ship's Tirst camanJing officer. In accordance iti Noval tradition the new sutmirine wuo naged for a fish of the shark family, known sefentifically as Tautog Onitis. ‘The Sea Dog is of considerable con a mximm size of about three feet and a weight of twenty-one pouules (on the moruing of 3 June 19M the ccmaisslou pennant vas hoteted,acd th 55 SEA DOG became # bom Tide mester cf the U.S. Suimrine Fores unler th comand of Cummaoder Yernon L. Lowwnce, USN. Weaned by 4 picked crev vf officers ard 7h enlisted men, the 1525 tons of potential destruction nosed ou of the tartor for her shikedows training in the waters off the coast Of lew Englond. On 2h July she was declared "rendy for sea”, and at 1/00 stood out Panaca Canal to the battle areas of the Pacific. os After « four day stay at Bolbos, the SEA DOG departed the Canal 20 6 August enrovte to Pearl Merbor. On'the 22nd she rendesvousea with the, ICEPTSE and FO 575, passed throvgt: Kaivi Channel and proceeded to the Subcarine 00 13 Soptenber 19ll the submarine cost off her lines and stood past the entrance buoye at Pear) Herbier cn het maiden var patrol. “After ecppicy ef: Midway she proceeded to her patrol area alcug the Ransei Shots in the Bact Ci Sea. On 10 Octabeb che took station to the west of Okina for the Fret carrier strike on the Ryukyus. Mo contacts vere made ae sho patrclied off the entrance to the hurbor of Naka, and abut noon Comander Lowrance tack the Spa DOG nortierd, Shortly aftersrds, lcckouts sighted a trovler headed for Okinawa, Lowded with oll drums. She closed the target with guns clacicg. Su deny five Japooese planes dived out of the eus, miking strafing Puns ue tue sutmorine. “Leaving the travler burning briskly, the SHA Dob crash uived, sed 0n 20 Octcber General MacArthur's forces went cshire on Leyte agstast Light oppesitica. But mval activa was Snpending. To the sorth tne Japanese Fleet rendezvoused to launch its "sho-Go_ project, which led to the tstorie Battle of Leyte Gulf. While patrolling Sel Kyushu on the 22nd, the SEA DOG sighted an eleven ship convey heading scutheast. In the submerged attack on two overlapping targets tree tined hits were sccred, follcved by heavy break ingcup noises. Sink-vere the 4,500 tun supply snip, MUROTO, sed the <,933 t Gunbcat, TOMITSU WAR. Follcwing the attack he SBA DOD went deep ter her initiuticn to depth charging. For three hours ste evasively aanewwored aid the runble of the 109 charges ércpped