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is Project Management? Why is it important? Key terms differences Scope of this course

Personal Local

Neighborhood Organizational National Global


Preparing for examination Wedding in the family Sarvajanik Gananeshotsav Construction of Building, Highway Planning & Launching a new product Launching a new satellite Literacy campaign Preparation of Annual Budget Peace Keeping mission (UN) Space exploration Environment Protection

Local Neighborhood








Temporary endeavor

Group of related projects managed in a coordinated way

Collection of Projects or Programs Meet Strategic Business Objective

On going execution of activities Same product or repetitive service

Create unique Focus on project product, interdependencies and service, result determining optimal approach to manage
Functional Manager Project Manager

Operations Manager

Manage administrative Manage specific projects / functional areas like to achieve specific HR, Finance, project objectives Accounting, Procurement Provide SMEs to projects as and when After project completion, hand over done to

Manage core business areas like R&D, Design, Mfg., Testing, Maintenance After project completion, hand over

PMO Stakeholders


do we undertake projects?

Process Groups Project Initiation / Selection Project Planning

Scope of work Create WBS Basic Scheduling Time Cost trade offs Resource considerations

Project Monitoring and Control Project Closure

We will cover PMBOK V4.0

Everything related to Projects and Project Manager

We will NOT cover Specific Functional Area techniques

For e.g., financial ratios, techniques