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Towards a Theory of Privacy for the Information Age

Towards a Theory of Privacy for the Information Age


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Published by: Rocky on Jul 22, 2009
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Rocky L. Ho Chapter 23 Title: “Towards a Theory of Privacy for the Information Age” by James H.

Moor Quote: “One strength of the control theory is that it recognizes the aspect of choice that an
individual who as privacy enjoys in being able to grant.”

I expect to understand the theories of the privacy and how it can be applied in the world of information technology.

Book Review:
Let us discuss the privacy. There are different types of privacy. An example is the personal privacy, workspace privacy, surveillance privacy, and autonomy privacy. The theory of privacy, according to the book which I have read, says that the privacy will eventually evolves and it is based on a personal life, the second is the intrusion of once privacy, then the last is to interfere into somebody else’s affairs.

Things I have learned:
I learned the theory of privacy, it simply talks about how we use something very carefully, and not to hurt others.

Integrity Questions:
1.) What is personal privacy? 2.) What are the theory of privacy? 3.) What is data mining? 4.) Define workspace privacy, surveillance, and autonomy? 5.) What are the knowledge discovery process?

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