How to Write a Good Software Defect Report 1) Provide the context on where the defect was found.

Include the test environment, the application release or version title or number, and the location (functional area, area of work, or function you were running). Provide the status of the environment and the application. What software is in the test environment, the state of the application (if describable), and the kind of testing being done. Provide a list of all the steps taken to “hit the defect”. These steps should be a detailed description of what was done during the testing, so that anyone can reproduce the steps and cause of defect to be displayed or otherwise encountered. Be sure to see if you can repeat the set of steps yourself and get the same defect symptoms. Provide information on any settings that were provided for the software application. Provide information on defect severity and priority, if known. Explain the defect’s potential impact on the business. Also expand on the how the defct could corrupt the software or associated data.

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