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7 T H A R M Y R E S E R V E C O M M A N D

The Chaplain Detachments provide direct habitual augmentation of a
Division-level chaplain section providing 24-hour and split-based religious
support planning, coordination, and execution operations across the full spectrum of
military operations in a combat environment. Unit & Command
The Chaplain Detachments provide direct religious support to the command group, Chaplain
initial responders, deployed forces, medical and mortuary sections, and the local 56A
population by liaison with host nation clergy in a civil support environment.
Chaplain Detachments must be trained and equipped to provide religious ministry
across the full spectrum of combat and civil support operations, including
Chaplain Assistant
hazardous conditions. Training in managing critical incident stress, counseling, and 56M
crisis religious care is essential. E6
Chaplain assistants must qualify to obtain a secret clearance.
Skill sets
88th Chaplain Det.: Grafenwoehr, Germany People skills
89th Chaplain Det.: Kaiserslautern, Germany
Planning and
Additional Information executing religious
Army Chaplain Corps Information support

Conducting religious
Army Reserve Benefits
„ Tuition assistance/loan repayment „ Specialized job training
„ Interesting and challenging assignments „ Additional income computers and
„ Travel to foreign countries across „ Military exchange and commissary other office
Europe and Africa shopping privileges machines
„ Optional dental insurance „ A bonus MOS

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For more information about the Chaplain detachments call 7th ARCOM
Recruiting at DSN 314.379.7829 or CIV +49(0)6202.80.7829, or 7th ARCOM
Retention at DSN 314.379.6351 or CIV +49(0)6202.80.6351.

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