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Crime, Punishment and Protest – Checklist

These are the topics that may or may not appear in your final exams. You must make
sure you have sufficient revision notes about all of them, otherwise you will not be
fully prepared.

Topic Notes Handout Exam Rate

Question your
Extension Topic 2: Changing attitudes to crime
Witchcraft in the Seventeenth Century
Trades Unionism and the Tolpuddle Martyrs
Conscientious Objectors in the 20th Century
The policing and punishment of these topics

Extension Topic 3: Protest and the Government Response

Social/economic protest: Kett Rebellion 1549
Political protest: The Suffragettes
Response to industrial change: General Strike
The policing and punishment of these topics

The Core: c1450-c1750

Crime and punishment in early Tudor period
Violent crime in Tudor and Stuart times
The treatment of women – ducking stools etc
Local law enforcement – Charleys, JPs
Treatment of vagabonds and sturdy beggars
Capital punishment
Stocks, pillory and imprisonment
Attitudes to poaching and smuggling
Attitudes to corporal punishment

The core: c1750-c1900