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Basic Astrology Mod 1 Chap22

Basic Astrology Mod 1 Chap22

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Basic Astrology Mod 1 Chap22
Basic Astrology Mod 1 Chap22

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Basic Course – Day 2

Day 2

Activity: 1. Visit any observatory near to your city or town to get the knowledge of movement of planet and sign. 2. Look in your newspaper or in ephemeris (Panchang) of sunrise. Get the chart of sunrise time. Here Sun will be first house and the rashi in first house will tell you about the rising sign of

that date. Look the position of other planet and observe them in night.


The line along which the sun moves is called Ecliptic. The zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts.Institute of Vedic Science CELESTIAL SYSTEM The mother earth rotates on its axis once in 24 hours and revolves around the Sun in 365. each sign will consist of 3600/12=300. (11) . The zodiac revolves once in a day on its axis from east to west. The signs are known as Rasis. Galaxy is shaped like two saucers placed one over the other and our solar system is revolving around it on one side of it. Jupiter & Saturn also revolve around the Sun. Revolving around it. 300 each in the 3600 celestial sphere. Venus. They divided the celestial sphere in 12 parts because moon moves around the earth 12 times during the time earth revolved round the Sun. called signs. the Sun appears to move round the stars once in a year. The broadband or belt in the heaven extending 90 on either side of the Ecliptic is known as Zodiac longitudinally. we see from earthstars around us in the sky. Various planets like Mercury. these planets have satellites revolving round them. Our sages identified twelve group of stars separated approx. Mars. for purpose of astrology. which the stars form in each division. Earth has one satellite called Moon. which are named after the imagery figures. As earth revolves around the Sun. On account of mother of Earth around the Sun. Thus we have 12 Rasis.2422 days. Since zodiac consists of 3600. The complete Solar system also revolves around the centre of our Galaxy “Milky Way” and makes one round in little hrs than 26000 years. The Galaxy has many solar systems with different Suns at their centres.

The Horoscope of the movement will look like this. The remaining signs 10 12 are placed in the subsequent houses in order of signs in the zodiac. The sign that is 2 8 rising in the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. On the western Horizon is the Sign. In the North (on his head) is the Sign. The starting point of 11 any horoscope is this Ascendant. (12) . Taurus. which is the 10th House in the Horoscope. All the twelve signs or rashis of the 3 5 zodiac appear one by one in the eastern horizon and get a chance to rise once in 24 hours. Aquarius represents the House number 7th in the Horoscope. described below. called the ascendant or Lagna. which coincides with 9 1 West the first house of the horoscope. Have you any difficulty to understand? Read again after completion of Day 5.Basic Course – Day 2 THE ASCENDANT The earth is moving on its axis from West to East so that the entire zodiac with planets and 4 6 Nakshatra locked in its appear to rise in the East and East 7 set in the West.

All other planets have dual lordship.e. 7. 1. 4. 11. 6. their extent of degrees. the lordship of each sign and the symbol of each sign is given in the table. 5. 10. 9. The sign of zodiac. 3. Rahu and Ketu have not been given any lordship as they are shadowy planets whereas the Sun and the Moon are the lords of one sign each i. 12.Institute of Vedic Science SIGNS The zodiac consists of 360 divided into 12 Signs 300 each. 2. 8. their Hindu equivalent names. Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Hindi Name Mesh Vrishabh Mithun Karka Simha Kanya Tula Vrischik Dhanu Makar Kumbha Meena Span 0 to 30 0 0 Lordship Mars Venus Mercury 0 300 to 600 600 to 900 90 to 120 0 0 0 Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter 0 0 1200 to 1500 150 to 180 180 to 210 240 to 270 270 to 300 330 to 360 0 0 0 2100 to 2400 0 0 3000 to 3300 0 (13) LE O IUS AR TT I G SA PIO OR SC A LIBR VIRG O RT EA H . Leo and Cancer respectively. 0 N OR IC R P CA SUN A R IU S AN C ER C NI MI E G A Q U PISCE S S ARIE US UR TA The Zodiac and its signs No.

Rahu and Ketu. they are considered as Planets. making the total number of planets to be twelve. are considered as planets. the two mathematically calculated sensitive points.Basic Course – Day 2 PLANETS In Hindu Astrology nine Planets are considered. These are as follows: Pluto Asteroid belt Orbit of planets Orbit of Halley’s Comet Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Rahu Ketu Hindi Name Surya or Ravi Chandra Mangal or Kuja Budha Brihaspati or Guru Shukra Shani Hershel Varun Yam Rahu Ketu Lord of Signs Leo Cancer Aries and Scorpio Gemini and Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces Taurus and Libra Capricorn and Aquarius Capricorn Pisces Scorpio Nil Nil (14) . Neptune and Pluto are also included in the analysis. Uranus. Although Sun and Moon are not planets.

The point from where Moon seems to be going up is called Rahu & the point from where Moon seems to be going down is called Ketu.Day & night Ax is North Pole Night W Day -E Sun Descending Node (Ketu) Ecliptic Orbit of the Moon Ascendant Node (Rahu) RAHU AND KETU (DRAGON HEAD & DRAGON TAIL) (15) . Moon revolves round the earth in a different plane. which intersects ecliptic in a line.Institute of Vedic Science What is Rahu/Ketu Earth revolves round the sun in a plane called Ecliptic. Rahu/Ketu are important and are given the status of planets. The Rotation of the Earth . Since eclipse plays an important role an earth and in astrology too. If Moon earth & Sun are in line with Rahu or Ketu an eclipse is formed. These are only imaginary point but have special importance became their position define the eclipse-Solar or lunar.

14. 3.1600 1600 . Jupiter. 13.Basic Course – Day 2 CONSTELLATIONS OR NAKSHATRAS Hindu Astrology further divides the zodiac in 27 equal parts.400 400 . Saturn & Mercury rule them.1060 40' 1060 40' .1200 1200 . Rahu. their extent in longitude as well as in the Signs. 1. The 27 Nakshatras are divided into 3 groups of 9 each. Nine planets in the order Ketu.930 20' 930 20' . their lordship and number of the years allotted in the Vimshottari Dasa are given in the table below.660 40' 660 40' . 9. 11. 360 ÷ 27 = 130 20’ The 3600 of Zodiac is divided into 27 Constellations or Nakshatra having an extent of 13 20’ each. Mars. 2.No.260 40' 260 40' . 6. 12. Moon. the first group ends at Cancer 300 starting from Aries 00 Similarly the second set starts from Leo 00 & ends at Scorpio 300 & the third set starts from Sagittarius 00 & ends at Pisces 300 completing the whole Zodiac. The names of the Nakshatra. 5. All the Nakshatras are given a particular name in Hindu Astrology. 7. Sun.1460 40' 1460 40' . Nakshatras Ashwini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrigshira Ardra Punarvasu Pushya Aslesha Magha Purva-Phalguni Uttara-Phalguni Hasta Chitra Span in the zodiac 00 . 8. 10. Since all the Constellations are of 130 20’.800 800 .1730 20' 1730 20' .1860 40' Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra (16) . Venus. 4.530 20' 530 20' .1330 20' 1330 20' . 0 S. A Nakshatra is a group of stars and their names are based on one of the prominent identifying star in the group.130 20' 130 20' .

3460 40' 3460 40' .3200 3200 . 20.3600 Sagittarius Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius Pisces (17) . Swati Visakha Anuradha Jyestha Moola Purvashada Uttarashada Shravana Dhanistha Satabhisha Purvabhadrapada Uttarabhadrapada Ravati 1860 40' . 19.2400 2400 .Institute of Vedic Science 15. 24.2800 2800 . 25.2930 20' 2930 20' .2530 20' 2530 20' .3330 20' 3330 20' .3060 40' 3060 40' . 18.2130 20' 2130 20' .2260 40' 2260 40' .2660 40' 2660 40' . 21. 17.2000 2000 . 16. 22. 23. 27. 26.

According to the Amanta (Mukhymana) method the month starts on the day following the new moon and ends on the next new moon. using the planets as Significator. Jupiter and Saturn as the major planets beyond the orbit of the Earth. the two great luminaries. According the Poornimanta system the month starts on the next day after a full moon (Poornima) and ends on the succeeding full moon. The Sun and the Moon. Most of the action that we perform in life follows the nature of the planets that dominates us. Astrological thinking is planetary thinking. (18) . The meaning of the sign houses. next in importance are mars. The twelve lunar months are as follows: Month’s name Chaitra Vaisakha Jyeshta Ashadha Sravana Bhadrapada Aswina Karthika Margashirsha Pausha Magha Phalguna Corresponding Gregorian month March – April April – May May – June June – July July – August August – September September – October October – November November – December December – January January – February February – March Corresponding Solar month Meena Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna Kataka Simha Kanya Thula Vrischika Dhanu Makara Kumbha THE PLANETS The essence of astrology lies in understanding the meaning of the planets. as the forces of the stars manifest through them. The Amanta system of lunar month starts on Sukla Paksha Prathama ending on Amavasya and Poornimanta system of Lunar month starts on Krishna Paksha Prathama and ends on Poornima. aspects and other astrological factors are determined by the planets that rule and Significate them. Astrology is nothing but the science of the planets. are the most important planets.Basic Course – Day 2 THE LUNAR CALENDAR In the lunar calendar two methods are followed in determining the month. Then come Venus and Mercury as the major planets within the orbit of the Earth and always close to the Sun. and encompassing all domains of life and the evolution of consciousness.

furthering some of the outer goals of life but not all of them. signs. similarly always do some harm. A planet’s natural disposition as benefic or malefic can be overridden by other factors. Benefic planets promote health. In a broad sense. Such instances of negative influences canceling each other in the chart represent great good fortune. 3. planetary nature changes through association. obstruct. Planets as Benefic and Malefic. difficulty. yet we find that natural benefics always do some good. Which planets we consider to be benefic or malefic also depend upon what we want in life. abundance and happiness. separation. even when otherwise beneficially disposed. Not influences canceling each other in the chart represent great good fortune. Malefic planets. generally decrease. promote. even when otherwise malefically disposed. and houses that they influence. Mercury. and houses in which they are located. Life has many domains. 2. The lunar nodes. yet it becomes malefic when close to the Sun. one could say that malefic planets cause disease. or destroy the affairs of the planets. It is more benefic when waxing and more malefic than waning. expand. signs and houses that they affect. Natural malefics. Ketu Moon. and so is sometimes regarded as neutral. are generally more malefic than their planetary counterparts. like the Moon is a general benefic. Mercury Sun The Moon is variable. but being mutable in nature. Benefic planets generally increase.Institute of Vedic Science PLANETS AS BENEFIC OR MALEFIC Planets have long been classified as to whether their influence is benefic or malefic. Too many benefic influences can render people weak and self-indulgent and make their life easy. In the same way. In this way they can sometimes function as benefics. Saturn and Mars. Rahu Venus Mars. which depends upon detachment. benefic planets can function negatively. Friendship and enmity between planets also comes into consideration here. A planet may give wealth or prestige but weaken one’s health. conflict. or bring to fruition the affairs other planets. ease. Yet in actual prediction. on the other hand. limit. and through the nature of the signs. harmony. delay. poverty and suffering. 1. but as shadowy planets they are more likely to take on the nature of planets with which they are associated. peace. (19) . superficial and without challenges. Natural Disposition Greater Benefic Greater Malefic Lesser Benefic Lesser Malefic General Benefics General Malefic Jupiter Saturn. Moreover. through the aspects between planets. Malefic planets can function in a positive way by negating negative factors in the chart (like disease or poverty). comfort. it takes on the nature of the planets with which it is associated. planetary influences combine in many different ways. and what is good for one field or life may not be good for another. malefics like Saturn can be very positive in destroying our desires and aid in driving our consciousness inward. Rahu and Ketu. being a strong benefic when away from the Sun and bright in nature. For the spiritual life.

And a weak Sun may give problems with that organ. honor. While destructive of form and expression. The Sun is the Deva. difficulties in relating to other people. Afflictions to the Moon show personality disorders. It brings to us the Light. to provide us with direction and self-worth in life. like the Sun is a sattvic or spiritual planet. which is all lights. People with such a spiritual Moon usually have a strong 5. The Sun is God. 3. reflective. pure consciousness or the enlightened Mind. authority and control – all the things that give value and pre-eminence to our individual selves. our center and central purpose in life. and emotional disturbances. the Sun in Vedic astrology is regarded as a sattvic or spiritual planet. 1. the face of Truth itself. The Sun is our local manifestation of the cosmic or universal light. surrender. The Sun symbolizes cosmic intelligence. The Moon is its creative force. the capacity to become a value of a light unto us. Yet the Sanskrit term for mind has a different meaning than the usual Western one. It is connected with the Suns in subtle realms as well as this physical world. whose children we are. All the planets shine with the reflected light of the Sun. To the ancients the Sun was the One God. usually conditioned consciousness. We seek to sacrifice ourselves but do not know what to give ourselves over to. arrogance. peace and happiness. The Moon. the organ of circulation and vitality. fame. life and love from all the stars. which was the unity of truth. in our birth charts the Sun shows our divinity and point of focus. It gives faith love. the Self of the entire universe. they represent different solar rays. respect. the deity. The Sun rules the heart. the Moon was born from the mind (Sanskrit manas). The Sun represents the ego. A weak but spiritually disposed Sun makes us receptive. It shows our impulses towards power. 4. and psychological turbulence. It is a doorway to all the domains and powers of light. The Sun is the Divine Being who dwells in the hearts of all beings as the true Self. which is the Sun. the Sun represents the father. A badly placed Moon gives wrong imagination. 6. and tyranny. DESCRIPTION OF PLANETS The SUN The Sun is the visible form and presence of the deity. 2. self-effacing and eager to do good. The MOON The Moon indicates the cosmic feminine force. The Sun gives the power of independence. the Divine incarnate in nature. It is the role of the father to shape our sense of self. hallucinations.Basic Course – Day 2 The Sun in the Fifth House tends to deny children or create difficulties with them. which is our dependent. 2. This makes it different from the other malefics. The Moon is the Goddess or Devi. In the Seventh House it can give separation or delays in relationship. In terms of family relationships. the Sun is the Atman. (20) . There is only one real light. openness. A malefically disposed Sun creates pride. According to the solar religion of the Vedas. According to the Vedas. which are regarded as tamasic or unspiritual in quality. However. It is the image. 1. It promotes the growth of intelligence. We can red through it the life of our father. it elevates the being and the intrinsic worth of things. our relationship to him and his influence upon us. and which is inwardly the light of the mind. The Moon shows the mind. prestige.

Mars similarly gives mechanical skill. the insane. 7. as well as good mother and wives. Mars rules tool. They have sweet. 6. Mars indicates arms and muscles and gives physical prowess. as well as to one of joy and truth. which can become saintly. whether accidental or intentional. our emotional and vital capacity for self-protection. Mars brings conflict and aggression into the lunar mind. Such a benefic Moon is found in the charts of doctors. machines and their usage. independence. On the level of human relationships. 5. A strong Mars provides us the energy. on the positive idea. how we receive others and view society. On a higher level. Functioning in its lower nature as impressionability to mass influences and collective traumas. he gives good skills at speech and oratory as well as good logical faculties. Saturn can darken or depress it. (21) . Rahu can cloud it or cause us to lose power over our minds. will and self-confidence to carry our endeavors. The Moon represents inertia as well as responsiveness. the Moon can be easily influenced and overcome by other planetary energies. The main weakness of the religious lunar type is that such people can become too orthodox. 1. healers or psychologists. Methods of directing occult and spiritual energies. 8. They are the planets of sexuality and the relationship between the sexes can be read through them. tolerant and humane dispositions. weapons. 3. 2. Mars directs us to the yogas of knowledge and energy. Whereas the Sun and Moon represent our masculine and feminine nature generally. Mars and Venus do so specifically. politician and scientist need such a strong Mars. her influence and her longevity. as with the loss of the partner. Mars is a critical. It gives sexual vitality to the male. 3. The Moon has love and friendliness for all. the Moon represents the mother. Through our lunar sensitivity we can become accustomed to a life of pain. 4. Mars causes us to develop energy but it does not necessarily give us the wisdom or love to use it properly. Mars can also indicate premature death in a chart. A strong and spiritual Mars is good for the practice of rituals and yogic techniques. As a sensitive and mutable planet. The Moon is our social nature and indicates our social concerns of interchange and communication. A good Mars is necessary for physical strength and athletic performance.Institute of Vedic Science connection with a traditional religion and may have had monastic past lives. 6. It shows our general propensity for relationship. Technology and war go together as aspects of Mars energy we have not yet understood or controlled properly. The lawyer. MARS Mars is the great planet of energy. which it rules. He relates to our passions. perceptive and discriminating planet. or give it detachment. qualities it shares with the Sun. Such a well-placed and spiritual Moon is often found in the charts of yogis and other conscious individuals. The malefic nature of Mars is well known in most instances of violent death. The Moon indicates the home. 4. Through it can read her nature. an ill-placed and malefic Moon may frequently be found in the chart of criminals. sorrow or ignorance. It also shows our birth. or those suffering from neurological disorders. particularly the loss of a woman’s husband. and through it we can read the difficulty or ease of our birth and the factors that brought it about. and gives selfdiscipline and asceticism. He is the planet of research and development. or where we feel at home. 5.

Telephone. (22) . facility. 2. Mercury shows how we appear and how we function in the network of transactions that makes up the world of things and ideas. nervous system disorders or neurosis. He is the fastest moving of the planets and thus is indicative quick comprehension. aligned with the engineering capacity of Mars. Mercury breaks down barriers between people and reveals a common humanity and common human needs. like Jupiter. Mercury is an important factor for determining our vocation. He tends to value communication and public opinion more than truth. 4. Afflictions to Mercury do not always give lack of intelligence or intellect. 8. particularly through the written word. the faculty of determination whereby we discern the real from the unreal. and computers are products of Mercurial needs. Other planets. positive side of Mars comes out as the capacity to make great achievements in life in harmony with law and truth. When afflicted Mercury becomes the fool. ease and plasticity in expression. 7. the vision of the eternal. television. but without strong Mercury there will be difficulty in expressing it. He is the trickster but can become deceptive. troubles in the home life or difficulty at school. 5. Afflictions to Mercury can cause health problems in childhood. 1. particularly the period between infancy and adolescence. perverted or criminal tendencies. particularly when there are no balancing factors. then it will see the falseness of the external world and the reality of the inner consciousness. naiveté and folly. can give good intelligence. and directed thought. Mercury governs writings. As Jupiter represents the higher or abstract mind. MERCURY Mercury. a lack of properly defined boundaries.Basic Course – Day 2 7. the deeper powers of the mind. Mercury provides for the quick correlation of ideas. Mercury is very important in modern culture and represents one of its most beneficial powers – the need to establish open communication that must lead to a world culture. 3. Combined with Saturn. It creates immaturity. Good Mercury give good humor and psychological balance. on a higher level connects us with our inner capacities. Weak mercury makes us rationalize things to suit our purpose. He imparts a mental adaptability that is also playful. 10. Mercury is Buddha. Combined with Jupiter. They may cause some other harm like speech defects. If the mind orients itself toward the perception of truth. 9. however. radio. and relates to the buddhi. the idiot. Mercury is a child and indicates the state of childhood generally. 6. for that is what we do in life to communicate with others: our vocation is our interchange with society. the intellect or informational mentality. and become dependent on whatever is the strongest environmental influence. calculation. its negative side usually predominates. In Sanskrit. the fast interchange of information or of things of value. education. creating selfish. Mercury indicates the lower or concrete mind. which means intelligence and cognition. It can create dishonesty.

We will imagine the best and not guard ourselves properly. the law of our inner nature. All planets. Jupiter reveals the expansiveness of our spirit. depression and melancholy are overcome or turned into a learning experience. his influence can make a good entertainer. formality and hierarchy. Jupiter is the planet of luck. favour and fortune. even Jupiter. He gives wealth. We may become self-satisfied. On a lower level. Jupiter indicates our inner career. prosperity and success. it often signifies the husband in a woman’s chart. 1. He likes shows. 9. Jupiter shows our devotion and dedication in life. Jupiter is the planet of intelligence – not the intellect that depends upon information or refined discernment (and which is more generally indicated by Mercury). 3. As such. 11. Jupiter is the planet of creativity. We will be vulnerable to the deceptive schemes of others. Jupiter is the Divine grace that can fulfill all of our needs without our seeking. all life and the entire universe is with us because he is that cosmic beneficence. Jupiter represents joy in living. his health. In Sanskrit. 6. 4. the positive spirit. Jupiter indicates the priest and is concerned with propriety. When Jupiter is with us. generous and benefic of the planets. He indicates our spiritual mission in life. Jupiter likes music and can indicate musical talent. how we relate to society on a practical level. represent energies that are one sided and require proper balancing for true harmony. 10. (23) . He gives religious merit and spiritual beneficence. 5. On the negative side. In him all sorrow. health. he is called Guru. 12. we can become overly optimistic through the expensive Jupiter nature when it is afflicted. He is the great optimist who always sees the good. 8. too content and caught within the status quo. In the higher sense. It is no wonder that people all over the world have always sought the energy of this planet for inner as well as outer prosperity and creativity. 2. while Mercury represents our outer expression.Institute of Vedic Science JUPITER Jupiter is well known as the most helpful. As Mercury tends to show our outer career in life. grace. where we really find out personal fulfillment and what we enjoy doing. He signifies dharma. such as our children. the spiritual teacher or the guide. which is the law of creative evolution and self-realisation. Jupiter’s influence functions better if tempered with that of the Sun or Saturn. From Jupiter the state of our children is to be ascertained – their number. but the formless intelligence that goes back to eternal law and ultimately to the eternal itself. he likes parties and can make us self-indulgent. and her relationship with him. A Jupiter which functions too outwardly can make us materialistic enamored of wealth and caught in conventional values and beliefs. which are more stern and realistic. sex. 7. With his love of expansive energy. abundance. however. just as Saturn indicates our capacity to contract or concentrate. ceremonies. It will show his nature. He can make us into showmen. parades and rituals. and relationships with them. On a higher level. He signifies outer creativity.

On the lower or outward level. Jupiter is the positive teacher of the soul: Saturn is the negative guide. Shukra. (24) . 5. She opens us up to the kingdoms. the beautiful and the pure. 2. 10. 4. Destruction is the necessary counterpart for creation. Our Venus works on our world to bring it into harmony with its inner meaning as a play of delight. 1. poetry. our positive will in life. we will probably avoid the destruction that Atlantis suffered. This may be a capacity to inspire or a giving of enthusiasm. She gives sensual attraction and serves to make either the woman or the man major appealing to the opposite sex. She is our love. Inwardly. beauty and purity. Saturn is the pessimist. which in its true nature is the love of truth. Venus shows our seeking for pleasure. This lower side of Venus is much in evidence in our culture with its emphasis on sensory pleasures. A strong Venus is very helpful in any chart. which is fickle or hard to get and impossible to keep. 6. These include not only the realms of art and myth but also psychic abilities. Venus is our aspiration to the good. The Sanskrit name for Venus. as it indicates our capacity to love and our sense of refinement. 7. and luxury. means “brilliant light” and “heat” and also indicates the reproductive fluid. music and dance. the legendary king of the malefics. SATURN Saturn is traditionally the most difficult of the major planets. Saturn’s power to limit or destroy should not be underestimated. Venus represents the astral light. Though we will experience some major difficulties from our ignorance. She represents the pleasure of the senses and the comforts of the body. and controls us simply because we are always seeking her. 8. However. 9. A strong Venus gives sexual power. asceticism and solitude. Modern culture is bringing out aspects of a negative occult Venus in the mass media. with its cult of sex and violence. powers of visualization and creative direction of the mind force. A strong Venus can give charisma or power of personality. 1. 3. the realms of beauty of the Gods. Love is the strongest power. Her web can catch our energy like a spider and drain away our fire. wispy and elusive. as decay and death are required for new life and growth.Basic Course – Day 2 VENUS Venus is well known as the Goddess of love and beauty. Saturn brings about limitation and obstruction. and is this regard Venus possess the power to overcome even mars. at least from the standpoint of the spiritual life. our devotion to truth. hindrance in self-expression and in selfmanifestation. As Jupiter is the optimist. Venus is the seductress. to make things reflect their pure or astral forms. the light of inspiration that is first spark of the sun of truth. Venus shows our natural tendency to beautiful things. She is dreamy. a power of discipline. which may become oppression and adversity. Yet an afflicted Venus is one of the most difficult things to overcome because it allows us to be taken in by appearances. Venus is the morning star. which on inner levels can be transmitted into astral or spiritual power and strength of will. its positive value must not be forgotten. Though Saturn possesses a higher and more beneficent side. comfort. painting. 2. even this is stern and exacting. as we pursue her favour. Venus is the Significator of art.

13. it is necessary for creating anything of enduring value in any domain of life. he retards things and holds back their development. Only Jupiter has the power to really balance out his influence. whether on a physical or on a mental level. Most of our materialistic values. The Sun moves in a chariot directed by Saturn. (25) . As the slowest moving of the planets. the lower astral realms. 8. 6. and paranoia. Saturn causes poverty. deprivation and want. It indicates the underworld. He can give complete detachment and independence. Saturn is the Significator of old age. As nervous planets. He is the one who stand-alone and goes beyond the limitations of the masses. the elemental forces. Our fear of Saturn measures the degree of our attachment to the material world and our inability to face the ultimate issues of our existence. which is even stronger and more basic than our sexual drive. Saturn is the enemy of the Sun and the Moon. like the need for wealth. misfortune. sense of detail. Its lesson is the most difficult but the most rewarding. or fixed assets. Saturn is our survival instinct. A well-placed and strong Saturn is necessary for the spiritual life. Our fear of Saturn measures the degree of our attachment to the material world and our inability to face the ultimate issues of our existence. Saturn shows us the limitation of this realm. Saturn is the planet of selfishness. He may cause numbness. Yet Saturn is not only the lowest of the planets. Saturn obstructs nerve functioning. under the domain of others. As the power of darkness and obstruction. Yet Saturn also causes us to retain what we possess. are little more than glorified survival values and bear Saturn’s limitation and poverty of vision. the failure of our faculties and our powers. Saturn is the yogi in meditation. our need to maintain our separate existence. In the lower sense. land. another cruel planet. 5. Saturn shows us the limitation of this realm. Saturn gives the concentration. 9. 14. He keeps us in bondage of servitude. It indicates our most deep-seated and obstinate ego drives. or an unfortunate destiny. A badly placed Saturn causes premature aging. which is the necessary but painful lesson we must learn to find our way into the unlimited. The influence of Saturn is to delay and withhold. In Hindu mythology Saturn is the son of the Sun. His obstructing and repressing influence on the mind promotes neurosis or insanity. Saturn represents darker side of the mind and baser elements of life: crime. 16. 10. Saturn gives bad luck. Saturn indicates property. Yet these afflictions do not necessarily come upon a soul because it has been evil or slow to evolve in past lives. the God of time who brings on the degenerative process of aging. Its negative side comes our particularly in association with Mars. paralysis or degenerative neurological disorders. 12. 7. which is the necessary but painful lesson we must learn to find our way into the unlimited.Institute of Vedic Science 3. means “he who moves slowly”. which dominate us. difficult karma. A strongly malefic Saturn is prominent in the charts of criminals or the insensitive. On a lower level Saturn represents the gross body and the senses. 11. discipline and seriousness necessary ot deal with the great challenges of life. In fact. His Sanskrit name Shani. though Venus and Mercury can refine it to a great degree. and has an eclipse-like effect upon them. it is also the highest. 4. 15. Saturn takes away our vitality. perversity.

Because the energy is being internalized and withdrawn. in the positive sense. 6. while the south node. 4. Rahu. trance. Rahu usually functions best when placed in a strong house. contracting and internalizing. which can lead to self-aggrandizement or megalomania. As the negative Moon or the negative side of the mind. Hence in the Vedic system the south node is less negative than the north. 3. for example. boosts up our career influence. possession by negative entities and other such abnormal sensitivities of the mind and nervous system. as completing this karmic cycle. Rahu is regarded as the main planetary factor behind insanity. Ketu. Rahu is the shadow of the Moon. and obstinately separate. is where it crosses to the south. Yet the nodes have a subtler. 5. neurological disorders. Ketu. negate. The lunar nodes show the times when the solar and lunar forces obstruct each other or cancel each other out. the north or ascending node. psychosis. The south node is regarded as a point of difficult karma from a past life in which the individual furthered his selfish interest at the expense of others. expanding. is compared to Mars. like the ninth or tenth. in which the individual used his or her energies for the general good. Ketu. is the point at which the Moon crosses the ecliptic to the north. They indicate the factors that cause eclipses. On the positive side. lack of selfconfidence. with psychic and spiritual powers. Ketu represents self-doubt. Rahu and Ketu are regarded as secondary or shadowy planets. externalizing. prestige. 11. is said to be like Saturn. 7. Jupiterian manner. they take on and magnify the power of the planets with which they are combined. As the negative Sun or the negative side of the self. with the ruler of that house powerfully placed elsewhere. While Rahu shows an individual carries away by mass trends. neurosis. 1. cover or darken the Moon (the mind). It imparts an almost psychic sensitivity to mass trends and a capacity to use them. The north node. Ketu creates doubt. The south node. imparts great powers of concentration and powerful perception. the south node is called Ketu or the Dragon’s Tail. when associated with a strong planet or in a strong position. North node is thus ascending. This is particularly true when Rahu influences the Moon and other factors representing the mind. Rahu represents illusion. but it expands or externalizes a force. fame and power. Western astrologers regard the nodes karmically. isolated. and lack of self-worth. The north node. is more generally fortunate than the north node that begins it. Vedic astrology does recognize that the lunar nodes (more commonly the north node) can function in a positive. Ketu. 10. more psychic and difficult to neutralize force than these two malefics. the south or descending node. The south node is descending. is the shadow of the Sun or the negative Sun. Rahu. 2. and willfulness. Rahu in the tenth house. paranoia and other such negative mental states. preferably in an angle or trine. 9. Ketu shows the individual caught in his own contracted energies. and gives popularity. They are thus very sensitive points that cause repercussions in the total field of planetary forces. hallucination. As shadowy planets. It has the power to obstruct. The north node is seen as a point of good karma from an unselfish past life. or the negative Moon. disturbance. (26) . Rahu puts us in harmony with positive social trends. the Sun and the Moon. like Mercury and the fourth house. particularly if the tenth lord is also strong. The south node. which is largely negative. The north node is called Rahu or the Dragon’s Head. That the two nodes are malefic is quite logical. 8.Basic Course – Day 2 RAHU AND KETU The nodes of the Moon are very important in Vedic astrology. It has the power to cover or darken the Sun (the self). which block out the light of the great luminaries. alienated. a critical and narrow vision in life that leads to conflict and argument.

Mars Saturn Jupiter Cabinet of Planets: Sun and Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter and Venus Saturn : : : : : Royal couple Commander-in-chief Prince Ministers Servant : : : : : Prithivi Jala Agni Vayu Akash : : : Satwik Rajsik Tamasik (27) . depending upon its placement. Ketu means “a flag. but not usually inner fulfillment.Institute of Vedic Science 12. however successful the individual may be its outer good luck is combined with an inner unrest. A strong Rahu gives worldly powers and success. Saturn Elements of Planets: Mercury Moon. 13. Jupiter Venus. Moon. Venus Sun. Mercury Mars. Qualities of Planets: Sun.” It has the power to boost up the effects of strong planets with which it is conjoined. It can give rise to worldly desires than can never be fulfilled. the fulfillment of outer desires. A planet located in its own sign or exalted while conjoined with Ketu gains considerable power. Ketu gives sudden and unexpected results for good or ill.

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