AMUSEMENT PARK IN AFRICA FOR GORILLAS SLIDE 1 Fictional Name- Gorilland Adventure , Wild Safari , jhumri talaiyaa Island

, Jhinga lala Island Tagline – 1. Live in your Gorilla , Play in ours 2.We bring gorilla to life 3. Just what the gorillas ordered 4. The place for every Gorilla Brand Ambassador – BIG MOMMA SLIDE 2 It is the unique amusement Park in Africa. Built over 100 Hectares located within the tropical forest, the park is divided into three distinct zones fulfilling the entertainment needs of all family members for Gorillas. For kids, there is a fantasy world of myths, legends and fairy tales and 19 rides and a simulation theater, while the whole gorilla tribe can have fun with 12 more rides besides 10 more thrilling rides and a wide range of fast food cafés, restaurants that exceeds 15 outlets. A train encircles the whole park to make everything within an easy reach. SALIENT FEATURE OF AMUSEMENT PARK                Rides in their natural habitat i.e. Tropical forests of Africa™ Various rides like. roller coaster™ Columbus , octopus, water rides on natural water fall DJ NIGHT with musicians as CHIPMUNKS Bowling lanes Boating facilities. Gymnasium and spa- Gym instructor Mark Henry Casino Food courts and restaurant Premier of Movie King Cong specially for gorilla couples The Management staff is well educated as hired from movie MADAGASCAR Food Outlet – SHAKAHARI catering to the diet of gorillas

Design parameters and cost • Land proposed for Park-100 Ha. • Estimated Project Cost Land- 40 Crores Development -50 Crores Construction -100 Crores TOTAL----Rs 190 Crores

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Alex LION – The king of the JUNGLE TARZAN – The Friend indeed of GORILLAS


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