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Hello Elmo Kitty Tutorial!

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Sugar High, Inc. 2013

Hello Elmo Kitty Tutorial!




Supplies Needed Fondant (RED, WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW), Foam Base for drying, Skewer, #4 TIP, Grass Tip, Sugar Glue, Black food color (IF YOU PREFER TO PAINT ON WHISKERS)

Hello Elmo Kitty Tutorial!

1. Roll a 1.5 ball legs. 2. Roll into a sausage about 2 long and cut in half. 3. Taper ends to form the feet. 4. Glue legs together and put a skewer down the center and place on your foam piece to dry. I also use my GRASS TIP to create the FUR texture. 5. Roll a 2 ball and form a slightly tapered oval. This will be body. 6. Glue onto ovals. 7. Put body onto skewer and use GRASS TIP again to create FUR texture. 8. Roll two balls into teardrop shapes as shown. 9. Glue arms to body and repeat steps to create the FUR. 10. Roll a 2.5 ball for the head. 11. Use your largest ball tool and indent and roll an OVAL space for face. 12. Roll a 1 piece of WHITE into a flattened oval. This will be face. 13. Glue into place in the center of space created in the head. 14. Roll a ball into an oval and cut in half. This will be both sides of bow. 15. I use a round TIP to indent the bow as shown. 16. Glue both bow ends into head as shown and roll a small ball and glue onto center to finish off the bow. 17. I place head down flat and indent with my large ball tool two spots on the top of the head. This will be where the eyes go. 18. Roll two 1/3 circles for the eyes and glue into place. 19. Roll a 1/4 circle of ORANGE for the nose and glue into place. 20. Use a 3 Hello Kitty template that you can print from the internet and cut out to use as a guide for EYE and NOSE and WHISKER placement. I use a PIN to dot where the eyes and nose will go. 21. I now use my #4 TIP to cut out the BLACK for the eyes and YELLOW for her nose. MAKE SURE THEY ARE OVAL. As kittys eyes are NOT round. ALSO use the #4 TIP to cut out CIRCLES for the Elmo eyes. You can flatten them with a ball tool to make them a little larger before gluing Elmo eyes on. WHISKERS - You can roll VERY thin strips of black for whiskers OR I prefer to paint them on with black food coloring and using a THIN paintbrush.

Oh and I added a cookie in her hand... ;)

Sugar High, Inc. 2013