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Hello Elmo Kitty Tutorial!

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Sugar High, Inc. 2013 ©

Hello Elmo Kitty Tutorial! 19 20 21 Supplies Needed Fondant (RED. #4 TIP. Skewer. YELLOW). WHITE. Black food color (IF YOU PREFER TO PAINT ON WHISKERS) . Foam Base for drying. Grass Tip. Sugar Glue. BLACK.

Glue onto ovals. 7. I use a PIN to dot where the eyes and nose will go. 6. 2013 © . I also use my GRASS TIP to create the FUR texture. 8. 14. Use a 3” Hello Kitty template that you can print from the internet and cut out to use as a guide for EYE and NOSE and WHISKER placement. Glue into place in the center of space created in the head. Roll two 1/3” circles for the eyes and glue into place. 5. This will be face. 20. 18. 4. Glue both bow ends into head as shown and roll a small ball and glue onto center to finish off the bow. Roll a 1” piece of WHITE into a flattened oval. Roll a ½”ball into an oval and cut in half. 16. This will be where the eyes go. Roll a 1/4” circle of ORANGE for the nose and glue into place.. 2.5” ball legs.) Sugar High. Roll two ½”balls into teardrop shapes as shown. 9. 19. I place head down flat and indent with my large ball tool two spots on the top of the head. 10. 15. You can flatten them with a ball tool to make them a little larger before gluing Elmo eyes on. Roll a 1. 12.You can roll VERY thin strips of black for whiskers OR I prefer to paint them on with black food coloring and using a THIN paintbrush. 13. Taper ends to form the feet. Use your largest ball tool and indent and roll an OVAL space for face.. I use a round TIP to indent the bow as shown. 3. Put body onto skewer and use GRASS TIP again to create FUR texture. Oh and I added a cookie in her hand. Roll a 2” ball and form a slightly tapered oval. Glue legs together and put a skewer down the center and place on your foam piece to dry.5” ball for the head. As kitty’s eyes are NOT round. ALSO use the #4 TIP to cut out CIRCLES for the Elmo eyes. This will be both sides of bow. MAKE SURE THEY ARE OVAL. 17. 21. Roll into a sausage about 2” long and cut in half. Roll a 2. Inc. This will be body. 11.Hello Elmo Kitty Tutorial! 1. . WHISKERS . Glue arms to body and repeat steps to create the FUR. I now use my #4 TIP to cut out the BLACK for the eyes and YELLOW for her nose.