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revisionPhonics 2

revisionPhonics 2

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Published by: Baraa Hegazy on Oct 13, 2013
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Phonics/Spelling Student will need to fill in the blank to these spelling words.

Top, hop, back, pick, ball, call, thank, set, ten, tell, them, path

to___ h ___ p ba___ k pi ___k b ___ ll

c ___ ll


s___ t te ___ tel___ the___ pa ___h,
High frequency vocabulary words Circle the correct answer.
Much, thank, how, time, eat, first, Mr., new. How ____ is this toy? A. cat B. much C. lot I will ______ Seth for making tacos. A. thank B. sit C. now __________tall are you? A. How B. Yes C. Who What _____ is your party? A. time B. sit C. hop Beth will _______ her food. A. tap B. hit C. eat I am the _______ in my class. A. first B. much C. run ________Adam a P.E teacher. A. Mr. B. sit C. line This is a _______game. A. new B. line C. much
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