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Handout on Verbs

Handout on Verbs

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Published by: Jo Ann Katherine Valledor on Oct 13, 2013
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Handout on Verbs

1. A verb is a word that expresses action or a state of being and is necessary to make a statement. 2. An action verb tells what someone or something does. The two types of action verbs are transitive and intransitive. A transitive verb is followed by a word or words—called the direct object—that answer the question what? or whom? An intransitive verb is not followed by a word that answers what? or whom? Transitive: The tourists saw the ruins. The janitor washed the window. Intransitive: Owls hooted during the night. The children played noisily. An indirect object receives what the direct object names. Marcy sent her brother a present. 3. A linking verb links, or joins, the subject of a sentence with an adjective or nominative. The trucks were red. (adjective) She became an excellent swimmer. (nominative) 4. A verb phrase consists of a main verb and all its auxiliary, or helping, verbs. We had been told of his arrival. They are listening to a symphony. 6. Verbs have four principle parts or forms: base, past, present participle, and past participle. Base: I talk. Present Participle: I am talking. Past: I talked. Past Participle: I have talked. 7. Irregular verbs form their past form and past participle without adding -ed to the base form.
Base Form Past Form Past Participle Base Form Past Form Past Participle

be beat become begin bite blow break bring catch choose come do draw drink drive eat fall feel find fly freeze get give go grow hang have know lay

was, were beat became began bit blew broke brought caught chose came did drew drank drove ate fell felt found flew froze got gave went grew hung had knew laid

been beaten become begun bitten or bit blown broken brought caught chosen come done drawn drunk driven eaten fallen felt found flown frozen got or gotten given gone grown hanged had known laid

lead lend lie lose put ride ring rise run say see set shrink sing sit speak spring steal swim take tear tell think throw wear win write

led lent lay lost put rode rang rose ran said saw set shrank or shrunk sang sat spoke sprang stole swam took tore told thought threw wore won wrote

led lent lain lost put ridden rung risen run said seen set shrunken sung sat spoken sprung stolen swum taken torn told thought thrown worn won written

flew Past 4. ____9. Owens broke three world records. At a 1935 event in Ann Arbor. The JNHS English Club was divided into three groups. Exercise 3. 4. ____3. The pigeon drank water from the muddy puddle. New Zealand lies about 1. Owens attended The Ohio State University. Exercise 4. ____4. The artist paints colorful. Draw two lines under each action verb. The happy baby wore a toothless grin. 5. 4. 2. T Aaron painted his house white. write T if the verb is transitive or I if the verb is intransitive. 1. Present Drink Run 3. The stern judge gave a harsh sentence to the defendant. Another African American athlete captured the world’s attention in the 1960 Italy games. Hiroko plays softball and tennis every summer. Draw two lines under each action verb. My cousins were excited to meet our new neighbor. ____7. 5. 2. Complete the table by supplying the correct form of the verb asked. Michigan. ____2. ____5. Owens’s strong performance angered Adolf Hitler. City council meets once a week.Exercises Exercise 1. Draw one line under each direct object. The eagle soared higher and higher in the sky. 1. The Book Club president brewed coffee for the members. African American Jesse Owens broke world records in track and field events.000 miles (1. Germany. 6. ____6. ____8. Present Played 5. Many athletes successfully represented the United States in the modern Olympics. Maria prepares dinner for the family.600 kilometers) southeast of Australia. 6. 2. 7. 8. Encircle the verb and identify if it’s an action verb AV or a Linking verb LV 1. The football punter kicked the ball to the other team. Owens later gave many speeches about values and moral principles. 3. 9. The company sent its employees holiday bonuses. Exercise 2. Owens wore the victor’s oak leaf crown during the presentation ceremony. ____1. 7. geometric designs. 8. The car is black. Many people consider Owens the greatest track-and-field athlete ever. Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. 3. The catcher threw the pitcher a new ball. The curious toddler pulled the puppy’s ears. The news reporter lifted her eyebrows in disbelief. ____10. listened Past . Write 6. In the blank.

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