1 The Upanishad of Breasts Jaidev Shukla

(1) The very first and fatal stabs Of nipples Dark and crimson Keen Like the needlelike tips of horns Of the female deer! Since ages The deep gashes Of these moments Throb (2) In the midnight Silvern Like a jasmine bud To evade The incursion of the moon The lowing breasts Lie low Under the desolate palms The bloody breast drill Meanders On the palms Till today (3) Puncturing the taut air The wide eyed breasts Conjure up A spell to transfix… (4) The pixillated breasts Etch a curve On the naked back…

2 (5) On that purplish evening The pancham note Black as a cuckoo Chirps From the tattoos Stained by The insolent tits (6) They are like The smirking red grapes Peeping Out of the ladoos…. (7) The lips Grazed With eyes closed On a moonlit Chaitra night Were actually Clusters of dark grapes! (8) In the waters of flesh They are in fact Swaying lilies Blooming arrogantly! (9) Sniffing the perfume Of swaying lilies I beheld Rocking in a boat The deep red sun On the horizon! . The whole body Brims over High-strung ….

(Inspired by paintings based on the Kama Sutra) Translated from Gujarati by Sachin Ketkar .3 (10) In the low evening light The bewildered breasts Denting the air Neighed The body Jingle-jangling Like a shaft! (11) The nipples Sparkling in the air Like a sulphurous tip This side Even before a spark could fall on it The body Detonates! (12) On the jingling hills The tumultuous full moon of Sharad Pervades everything Rains completely... The sky is fully Empty….

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