Life Train

A while back I read a book in which life has been compared to a train journey. A very interesting reading…

Life is like a journey by train: We climb and descend often, there are accidents sometimes, Beautiful surprises at some stations And deep sadness at others.

. wir Menschen.WennWhen wir geboren werden und get in den we are born and on Zug the einsteigen. von denen wir gauben. we treffen meet people and think that they are going to dass sie uns unserer Reise begleiten accompany uswährend throughout our ganzen entire trip: our Parents. train. werden: unsere Eltern.

Unfortunately the truth is otherwise. . without their friendship and companion. They descend at a station and leave us without their love and guidance.

It is true that others who board the train will become very important to us and our journey. .

.They are our brothers. . our friends and all those wonderful people that we love and appreciate so much..

Some of the people who get on the train regard the journey as a short walk… .

And there are others on the train. . who are always present and ready to offer their help to those who need it. find only sadness during the trip.Others.

Some will be missed forever when they leave… Others enter the train or go down. . and we barely notice their presence.

whom we love most.We are surprised by the fact that some passengers. and leave us alone in this stage of our journey.. . Of course. we do not let this stop us and we strive to find them again or to move back to their railway wagon and look for a place there. move to other railway wagon..

.Unfortunately. because the seat is already taken. we cannot sit next to them.

we have to make the most of our journey! . hopes and breakups. this is part of the appeal of the journey: full of challenges. …But no return… So.Never mind. fantasies. dreams.

and seek to discover the best in each of them….To try to complete the journey with the ones that travel next to us. .

. help and friendship. there can be a companion of ours who was probably in need of our understanding.Remember that at any moment during the trip.

.Us too will pass through moments when we will be reluctant and feel the need of understanding from someone else.

… Not even the one that sits on the place next to ours.The greatest mystery of the trip is that we do not know when we will finally have to get down from the train. . nor when the people that travel beside us will.

I really do believe this thing. Yes. It will be sad to separate from the people that are most dear to me. But I really hope that at some point we will discover the Central Station. The separation from a few friends that I met along the way will be painful. and I truly feel that I will see them carrying “luggage” that they did not have at the moment they boarded the train. .I think that I will feel my heart full of kindness and gratitude when I will go down from the train ….

What makes me happy is the thought that I had my share in enhancing their luggage and increasing their value. .

a place full of beautiful memories for the ones that continue the journey in our place. when we go down from the train.Dear friends. so as in the end to be able to say that it was worth it. Let´s try to leave behind. . we strive to have a good trip.

To those who are part of my train and my trip I wish them all: A Beautiful Journey! .

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