MCH Phase 2, Large Service/FH (HRMS Course Code 442021

Description: Review items learned in Phase 1 (Safety Rule Book, I.I.P.P., Dig Alert, Hand Signals, Watch Manual). Learn how to install Wood Shoring, Large Service, and Fire Hydrant; cut in a Tee on Ductile Iron pipe; and make a tape with a Mueller “C” machine. Purpose: To teach employees to install a Large Water Service and Fire Hydrant using the proper tools and equipment in a safe and productive manner. Learning Outcome: Employees will learn how to: Effectively plan jobs Safely install wood shoring Work with a operator and hydro crane Install a tee on an existing water main Install a clamp and tap on an existing water main Install a fire hydrant Install a large service with vault Remove shoring Course Length: 40 hours Target Audience: WDBU Maintenance & Construction Helper Program Contact: Charles Sparks (Sr. Water Utility Supervisor) – WDBU Construction Support, Field Studies and Training Group, 367-8314 Training Location: Ascot Training Facility, at 4371Multnomah St., Los Angeles. Program Details: Employees receive a training manual. Review tests are held on I.I.P.P. and Dig Alert. Exams are given on hand signals and fire hydrant parts list. Presentations on job planning and paper work, how to work with excavator and Hydro-Crane, how to install shoring, how to lay out for connections, cutting and grinding of Ductile Iron pipe, hanging a tapping sleeve, making a tap with a Mueller “C” machine, assembling a fire hydrant and a large fire service, setting a prefab vault, and removing shoring. Employees will take four pre-Water Utility Worker (WUW) exams and a WUW final exam. Videos: Digging Dangers II, Mueller CL12 Machine. PowerPoint presentation. How to Take This Course: Employees are scheduled for this class by their District Superintendent as part of the M&CH Training Program.