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START OF REEL JOB NO. fens 7 lls 7 OPERATOR A the FE ie eee 5 Pal gp Sees THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-—NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION “i pemaeeD) Sra -po ok sa Care’ of Fleet Post Office A7SE ome ofee) 1 San Francisco, California. 25 April 1945 ‘The Commanding Officer, U.S.S. TIRANTE. To ‘The Commander in Chief, UNITED STATES FLEET, Via (4) The Commander in Chief, U.S. PACIFIC FLEET. Subject: U.S.S. TIRANTE, Report of War Patrol No» ONE. Enclosures: (4) Subject report. (B) Track chart. te Bnelosare (4) covering the first wer patrol of this vessel, conducted in the HAST CHINA and YELLO" SHi.S, is forwarded herowith. Lh had Creel a G.'f, STREET, III. FROLGUE Shib placed in conmission at levy Yard, Portsnouth, N.H. on Nov. 6, 19k. Lieutenant Comander G. L. STREET, TIT, Us assuncd comend. ship completed on Nov. 23, 1944, and connented treining in fog, storns, and freezing weathor off Portsmouth. TIR NTE'S builders did = wonder- ful job. jwrived New London, Conn. on Decs 21, 19hi. Deperted Jen. 8, 1945 for Balbos, erriving there on Jenuary 16th. Deperted Jan. 26, errived. Pearl Feb. 10, 1945. Deported Pearl for Saipan on FIRST Wi.R PATROL on Karch 3, 1945. x f During the period bctwecn completion at Portsmouth and departure from Pesrl, the following training progr wes carried outs Portsmouth © torpedovs fired. ew London 4, torpedoes fired, Balboa 7 days underw y 2h torpedoes fired. Pearl, 8 days undervey 13 torpedocs fired. Of note was the 9 day training period spont at Belbor, with Capt J. G. JOMS, USN, rs Tr-ining Officer. Opportunity is t-ken here to tion this since it is felt thot mny cubmrrine officers arc not aware of the exeellent facilitics availble there, sumerized: (a) Plenty of tergets and sercens with each oubmerine having his own target group. ODD!s were used for tergets, St's for escorts. Biggest "convoy" we attacked, 3 ODD, 7.SCe Targets wire completely ct disposition of the subacrine. lervelous training for our ST and SJ operctors in tergct discrininction. (2) Plenty of torpedoos. We were issued 9 KK 1i-3. fully recdy torpedoes. Fired 6 of them three tines, 3 only twice cach. Blimp chesed torpedoce and dropped smoke floats on thea. Re- covered torpedoes using own go-r and tergst's bo-t (averge tine 8-25 minutes fron firing to recovery); wo mode then ready jain, ond fired them next day. Totol 21 hits for 2h shots. zh very beneficial workout for all hands. (3) sncherage in Porlas Islands was 1/2 mile fron nearest operating aree. Tergets, screens, end subs anchored togsther, exchanged movies, ctc. (4) Yeother was exccllent, Sea smooth to moderctg. Hot in Balboa, cool in Porlss Isl-nd: (5) SubBesc, EeIbor, was on opposite side of Canal fron citics of Balhoo 2nd Penats., brend now, and efficiently run. (6) No prossuré whatcver on the Subnerines, except to gett fmu possibl. treining. Czptain JORNS spent practically tine in the opersting cross, rode targets, subs, and recovery vossel, and r1so went fishing. Wew Construction innovations in this vessel aro: (2) Big notors. (2500 - Ki och) no rucuction guurse (2) Now tenk errongement, No vent risers, Varicble fuel tanks to give additional weight compensation, Only 3 min belinst tanks (1,2,%6). 2 Fuel ballest tenks (325). Fuel copecity,