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START OF ge en is ae BOE Lo ts i Lee Mz We Is DATE ior ee THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT mjcROHILNED BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION Division of Naval History Ships! Histories Section Navy Department, HISTORY OP USS STURGZON (SS 187) Tike an onrushing tidal wave, Japanese inperialisn engulfed Ki Manchuria, tho China coast, Indo-Ching, and then snashed against Pearl The yellow tide turned to swirl dom through the lialay Feninoula, into the Philippines, and across the Dutch Hast Indies, Only one force had any chance to slon the iatic Fleet, hopelessly outmoded and out-mumbered. cruisers for every destroyer the Allies possessed but our fleet: fought ba until crushed or driven back from the islands, nstay of the Asiatic Fleet was the submarine hampered by faulty torpedoes, lack of repair bases, and fuel, they carried the war to the enemy fron the firs: days of Ono of the subs on Asiatic station IES STURGICN tho had cone out in Novenber of 1941 with the HOLLAND and three other subsari her oarly patrols wore largely unproductive, by marts end she was officially credited ith nine vessels of over 509 tone each eu One of 16 of similar desim, the CTURGEON it by the Jere Island, California. Har keel was laid on Navy Day, 27 Octob she slid dom the mays on 15 ‘arch 1938, ltrs, Charles S, Freonan; ¥ Rear Admiral Freenan, US, christened the ship, which was rla commission on 25 June 1938, Licutonant Commander 4, D, Barnes was her first commanding officer. The STUR named for a game f'ish found throughox Northern Temperate done, The fish, largo, tough-skinned, and bony-plated, is valuable s the scoond ship of the United Statos to boar the nano. was tho SS 25, the 26th submarine to be built for the Navy. Sho was built by tho Fore River Shipbuilding Company, Fore River, Hassachusetts, and launched on 11 June 1911, Her name yas changed to the 3-2 late: year and sho vas first placed in commission on 14 February 1912, Sho was cold for scrap in April, 1922. The STURGICN, (SS 187), put to sea fron Ikrivoles Harbor on 8 Decenber 1941 to conduct her first war patrol, Lieutenant Commander Willian L, iright vas in connand, and headed the craft for ths area betvoen t adores and Formosa,