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Morning Walk

Arising from sleep,

I stand and sing to Him
who slumbers not.

Stepping forward into

this new creation,
I meet a world awash in wonder.

The kabod of the clouds

kisses creation, covering all things:
grass and leaves and flowers and faces.

Immersed in this cool cleansing,

I breathe heaven’s breath:
filled with His faithful fruit.

Light surprises lingering night.

A new day overwhelms the darkness.
Shades and shapes give
way to collages of color.

Staring in the silent grove,

I see tiny light streams trickling
through the maples, pines, oaks, and ivy.
Olive and lime and forest and emerald and mint
intermingle in a thick mystery.

Straining up the hill

I greet the one-bark dog who
barks once and then retreats
until tomorrow.

The laughing bird laughs at the chirping bird

while the owl hoots and hollers.

A train tears through this remnant of Eden

with steel scraping steel
and heart pounding heart.
The homeless rail wanders away
and wails in search of home.

The pines align along the steel fence,

surrounding a tennis court.
Transfixed in time, these silent sentinels stare
at a blank slate steeped in possibility.

Yesterday’s floats float across

the surface of a cool pool,
awaiting play and plunder from
children fast asleep.

Streams of thought
splash and swirl and startle
by a yelping, growling,
tiny pup.
I jump.
The owner chuckles.
I smile and scurry away from the ferocious beast.

The world whirls

as layers of life overlap and overwhelm:
grass ruptures asphalt;
flowers peek through fences.
Imaginary boundaries broken.
Life bursts beyond constriction.

Gazing into this whirling world,

I think of the great communion of saints
standing beyond space and time
and proclaiming continuous anthems of praise.