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Complete the

Today Thursday.


with am / is/

It 9 o'clock in the morning. The pupils Their classroom nice. at school. big and

A. Complete : am / is/ are

1. My father a taxi driver. 2. It cute cat. a 7.It cool 13.Mr. Beek English teacher. 14.David our family doctor. 3.She your music teacher. 9.They at 15.The kids in U.S.A now. 4.This my new car. 10.My grandparents old. 5.That my villa. 6.It winter. 11.You a bad pupil. 12.I hungry. 17. The apples red. 18. My schoolbag green. 16. I and Ben sick.

in spring . 8.We good friends.

There three desks and six chairs. There The window a purple door . closed.

There four girls and three boys in the classroom. They chairs. sitting on the on the Roberto. working with a on the green map.

school today.

Only one boy floor. His name Roberto map. His bag

The teacher standing next to the desk. He talking now. not drawing. The children listening to him. They