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START OF REEL JOB NO, -.: | ALMC-7F 0 zs Sel naz WE? WES Wes pate 6-0-2 THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT 5 MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-—NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION Wanee Gs-auc) WATE Aarean Fics Rularen, WW We Leet |s Deaassteyen Wraltene lems Wis Ait ove PRS Gncoer Nemennn Mees Wien Yee Cosas, Office of Naval Records and History Suis! Histories Section Navy Department HISTORY OF USS CROAKER (SS 246) ‘The submaine USS CROAKER was built by tho Zlectrio Boat ‘at Groton, Connecticut, where her keel was laid on 1 ip~il ff to an auspicious start, USS CROAKER was sponsored H.?. Blandy, wife of Admiral Blandy, who at that tine v: of the Bureau of Ordnance, It was a bleak winter day on 19 ber 1943, when the submarine wes launched into the wind-toss. Waters of the Thanes River. On pl April 1944, at the U.3. Submarine Base, Nev London, cut, CKOAKER Was turned over to the Navy and placed “r n, Comander John E, loe, USN, assuming command. Thon oligued "month of arduous shekedown and training before leavin; Now 5 on 20 May for the Panama Canal enroute to Pearl Harboz. #12 bands had visions of winning a combat insignia befove loaving Atlantic waters, A Nazi submarine had been reported on the tre CROAKER as "sho approached Mona Passage off the coa of Pucrto Rico, affectionately known as “Torpedo Junction." A un through tho sub when the general alarm was sounded time in earnest, and an approach was started on th 6 target picked up by radar, The officer of the deck fi the hopes of tumodiate combat when he announced that st was just a big sail boat. Who skipper dejectedly pr ) Balboa without further incident. CROAKER arrived at Poarl Harbor on 26 June 1944, now a Focific Fleet ané eager to do her part in the war, Aftow ing voyage repairs and provisions, OROAKER stood underway © war patrol on July 19i4 4A the Hast China Soa an areas. ‘The first war patrol was a highly sucesssfiL enemy controlled waters. CROAKER bagged a 1 crats » a freighter and a patrol escort vessel for a total of 17,600 tons. ‘he sixth day in the patrol area had seon two unsuccosarvl pts to sink a small freighter and spirits wore greatly 14¢tcc on tho Following morning, Lieutenant Brady aighted a waraiiip ne periscope. She was headed southWest in the @irection of 88 sho drew closer, the skipper identified her as a Japancse cruiser, later established as one of tho Natori class. 3 was only three miles off the coast of Kyushu as the approach bacan, hoadod directly for CROAKER, Moving off her course track to ¢: aed, CROAKER, fired her stern torpedo tubos twenty minut: waiting what goomod like an eternity, a singlo oxplosion vas ier tapough the sub, The skipper hollered down, "Wo hit him! Aboard tho Jap cruisor, confusion rolgpa guproua White-clad Japenoso sailors Were soon ranning arourd topside of the map-of-war whicl. vas aking a starboard list. Simultaneously, tho satierty in; £ additional oxplosions end breaking-up noises wore picked uD by tno soundmon.