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START OF REEL JOB NO... Z OPERATOR ~~~ Eek, = (A eee THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION EEL TARGET, START & END > ® FF12-10/A16-3(5) | SUBMARINES, PACIFIC FLEET Fs Serial 0720 Gare of Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, California, Fane 24, 1942. COLSUBPAC PATROL REPORT NO. 39 U.S.8. 8-35 = FIRST VAR PATROL ppougssccy es cus, willed 5 The Conmander Submarines, Pacific Fleet. Submarines, Pacific Fleet. Subject: U.S.8. 5-35 ($8140) - Report of First ‘iar Patrol. Enclosure: (A) Copy of subject report. (B) Copy of Comsubron Four Conf. ltr FC5—4/ A16-3 Serial 0205 of June 24, 1942. ae Operations of S-class submarines in northern waters during Winter months is a severe test of both material and personnel. It is noted with pleasure that the material stood up well and that the morale of the crew was excellent. x ‘The attack on the S-35 by a Japanese subsarine indicates the possibility that some Japanese submrines are equipped with Radar and magnetie exploders. This is not corroborated by any other informtion available to this command. 3e No damage was inflicted on the enemy. R, H. ENGLISH, Distribut ion 210i List I, Case 2: P1(5}, SSs. Special: ‘EN3(5); EWLO(1); EN28(5); Comsublant (2); Subschool, NL(8); ConsubsiPac(2}; Comineh(5); Combat Intel(1). Ch he vincheccnt i. Re SWINBURNE, Flag Secretary, ~ wo FILMED U.S.S. 8-35 - REPORT OF FIRS? WAR P.AwPROL PERIOD FRO PAIL 12 to APRIL 30, 1942 ENCLOSURE: Track chart of patrol. ARE: Enroute and return fro: § 2g! DUTCH H.RBOR to west coast of Pn USE (KURIL ISLANDS) ang off west coast of PARKUSHIRU 70. Route used in goin; and returning: great circle course north of the ALEUTL, Zone tines are indicated in narra’ WARRATIVE Departed Dutch Harbor fo +10 time) in company with S-34. Proceede: (270 RFI on both engines). Due to storn lost c during night of april 12, proceeded incevendent surface until april 21 except dives on storm, on April 14 to avoid U.S. patrol to water batteries and check torzedoes Was necessary because it was too rou; surface. 2 On April 21 dived at 0500 (zo renained submerged until 1600 sane day. order to approach Strait (OMEKOTA. 12120) betwoon TO and iinkiNQU 70 unobserved. Position upon divi due west of mouth of strait. Bh pril 22 and 23 patrolled on east course in mouth of cause on April 22nd a snow storm limited v 500 yards waile on the 23rd, ship we thic. The above putrol was all on the surface excest 22 from 1710 to 2030 which wes nade to board main engine fuel punp. gain rou, necessary.