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Project Teach

Thank you for your interest to join the newest non-profit organization called Project Teach. By joining our family, you will explore various volunteer opportunities as well as have the opportunity to earn various leadership positions. The main focus of this club is to teach younger students to success higher academic achievement through the help of our volunteers. Project Teach is an excellent opportunity to serve the community and receive volunteering hours. Our volunteers will make a real impact through our community by promoting the importance of education. With further question please contact (310)702-2614 or email

Check-list: Complete the attached sheet (Including student and parent signature) Please print out your report card (It must include your 8th grade report card as well as your current ones) One must receive 3.0 or higher GPA in order to become part of ProjectTeach (If this is a concern for you, we still highly recommend you to apply because we do have other opportunities for students to become involved ProjectTeach)

Application Form
Personal information Last name: ________________ First name: _________________ M.I:____________

Home number: _________________________ Student cell phone number: _________________________ E-mail address: _________________________________ Address: _________________________City:__________________State:__________ZipCode:________ Gender: (Check one please) Female ______ Male ______ Birthdate: ______________ Present Age: ______

Educational Background
High school presently attending: ___________________ Current high school grade level: (Circle one please) 9(freshman), 10(sophomore), 11(Junior) Do you speak any languages other than English fluently? ____________________ List jobs or any volunteering experience youve held during high school (babysitting and yard work may be included) COMPANY ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ YOUR TITLE/POSITION ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________

List 3 adjectives to describe yourself: Be specific. How do you demonstrate these qualities? 1. _________________: 2. _________________: 3. _________________:

Other Activities: Please describe other activities such as travel, hobbies, special lessons or clubs you are involved in school.

What is your greatest and weakest character strength?

Do you have any other tutoring experience? If not, what attributes do you think makes a good tutor?

What can you contribute to ProjectTeach?

Youre almost done! To complete your application, please provide a student and parent signature shown below. Well be looking forward to read through your application! Student Signature: _____________________________ Parent Signature (+18 years old): __________________________