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START OF REEL JOB NO... . 10 ray Vez ete fs OPERATOR 441-2. lies #5 ihe 1-25 a4 ee DATE _ 7 3. 7=- ES Ws mes THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT hy Q ky Nn ‘a, vA i 1g al iy ‘ | MICROFILMED BY NPPSO—NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION pects ot ‘Tho Conmanding Officer. To ¢ The Connander-in-Chief,. United States Fleot. Via: + Official Chamels. Subjocts U.S.8, SPOT (88413) - Revort of War Patrol Nunber ONE. Enclosure: ( Subject Roport. (B) Track Chart (For ConSubPac). Rnelosure (A) covering the first war patrol o} tn tho Est Chinn Sea and tho YoLlow Soa Area during tho pe 4y 1942, to January 30, 1945, 4 forwarded horewith, Fed JO8 JOY CONREDENTTAL 1, ROLOGUE 0.8.8. SPOR (85413) was comisetonod on 3 August 1944 at Navy Yard, are Inland) completed 18 Soptonbor 1944. Arrived Poarl Harbor, Tei.» on Lb iTovonbér 1944, after a month's training poriod and ‘nino day's spoctal avilability at San Diogo. Voyage ropairs wore made by Submarine Bas Poarl Harbor, TH. Conducted a thirtoon day training period at Poarl fired six cxerois> torpedoes, Roadinoss for soa; 4 Deconber 19h. Ttons stal intcrost installed ‘on board the SFOT aro: (a) Sccure otho sounding oquipnont. (v) 38 foot antonna systom, (c) Two J0MM guns, ono mounted fwd, ono aft, on tridg (a) taro Island design storn gland tightoning dovic (c) Globo valvos in L,P. blow lincs. () Sound projector shaft junction box. B, NARRATIVE 4 Docenbor 194 1327(93) Undortay from Subnarino Beso, Poarl Hnrker, T with CorSubPac Opord 401-44 of 3 Doconbor 19d, us Dosignation 17.1.1 in coupany with USS GALi0, Tok Unit Do nation 17.11,3, escorted by PCSTL, and 1M" tonporary company USS TINOS\ & cscort, 1930(9}) Hold radar tracking oxeroiso with 15S BALIO. 6 Docombor 2210(10}) Transmitted SPOT first to CorSubPac acknowledging ezvous with ICEFISH. ‘JL Doconbor = 9 Doconber nroute Tanapag Harbor, Saipan, in compan; rondozvous with USS ICHFISH. Hold froquont 4ng and oommuniontion drills, and gu poriod, tosted MK 181 torpodoos in tu ing at'160 foot. Torpodo # 57128 was fo attcrs conpartmont eouplotoly. Drainod compartnont with frosh water, ronovod eolis as porsiblo and rofillod thon with bat International Date lino, dropped December 8, 1944 ondar. 1