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Used. TARO . leet ost Office, srotat San ?rancisco, Calle. Report of U-3.5. T.ReOiTenth var Fetrol. 3unfeced and set grect circle course for rear] at dest acd An eecordance witi latest despatci instructions. head seas during tie entire return trip and the agouat of fuel on board; it ves decided that three enjines could be used for the triz'and acve the required reserve upon arrival.’ “ave hopes tie tenker (Contect jA6) is enroute Votje, es we overtake 4 in motor blower was tried speod on ti to 265 turas. Deoision vas 21 toaorrow submerged off ‘Jotje eg it Lieson be. It is considered wmise to pees vitain 0 niles of the votje air base on tie surface during deyl agar Dos aot working. January 4, 19445 532 (1) 5 on 17 tip of votJe Stoll. Closed for ing of all islends nds to tie cast is considered velvet. 2205 (L) 3user Jig out of couitesion esein. Januar: 5. 1944 9649 (L) Sissted 2u0E to the north headed southeast eb ronge of (A. Contact 2) edout 4 alles - sudaersed. 00D said plaae was turnin; toverd. In view of this aad tie aunerous “plane lookers decided to readin subuerged today, Spent day repairing aaia engines. 1800 (L) Surfoced aad continued on 5 easines. snelosure (4) ‘ost Office, elses, Galt, Le advising of sreat circle Odtained receizt. 1 ind and need seas $ engine speed to cbout 11.5 iota, Blowed to keep eatenuc dry ond sent desdatoh indicating Fendezvous - used 10,5 its speed of 3 ast twice efter rais one. Ta SAS + Grogsed ic0th neridian repeating January 7th (Zl Discovered tet fuel consuapytion figures ve aave dee! & 92 80-90 runsing in ocla weather. on to. deteraine ode , pepbiclly covered csnvea, ontire notting torn. t. 15'= 54s Long. 172 = Bet clooks ciccd to Jone $12 +: ified escort of tuo SDs. nolosure (a) Report of U.5.3- TaRsON Tenth er Patrol. Tanwar 94-1944: (Con't) cated Johnston Ise nein notor jag resistor Dlace £8 2: Z Tilot caite eboar cede trin Give. Surfeced end set course 060°T for Searl, 5 engine sjeed, constant rela, ASA, Received Constant le zig zagsing at ono engine speed, sigated reriscope pearing 160°T distance about 5,000 yds. Turned away at sich speed. rerisespe aot seen again. Sent contact Bighted aubaerin derisooze at 20,000 yas, 23007. Leter id RR, January 12. 164s 0650(7./) Sigxted_vessei decrias 12597, closed at identified gagort TO 407. Comuaiced searca for Stutz, witeh was sigzted witzin 2 sour. 0745(V/) In coluan esters ging enroute Feerl. qsog(V.!) :oored at Subaar,