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START OF REEL eo NO. L309 ~Hyos operator (rund, ts WB eg oan Ren} THIS MICROFILM IS THE PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MICROFILMED BY NPPSO-—NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION BAVY DEPARDENT GFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF AVAL OPERATIONS DIVISION OF NAVAL HISTORY (OP 0329) ‘SHIP'S HISTORY SECTION HISTORY GF USS FLYING FIsH (55 229) USS FLYING FISH (SS 229) is noned for fishes of tropic ani varm ‘temperate seas, which have long winglixe finc and are copable of moving some distence through the air. FLYING FISH was built by the Portsmouth Navy Yard, New Hempshire. ier keel was leid 6 December 1940 and she was luunched 9 July 194), under the sponsorship of Mrs. Husband 8. Kimeel, wife of Rear Admire) Kinmel, USN, Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Pacific Flect. FLYING FICH was commissioned on 10 Deceuber 1941, Lieutenant Commander Glynn R. Donaho, USN, in command. ‘The first U. &. sui toned after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; she completed training in the Newport-New London area on 6 April and put to sca fron the latter port for ‘the Pacific. {he was three doys out of Baltoa on 20 April and making Passage to Pearl Harbor when she sighted an army patrol plane and dived to escape @ “nistakenly” dropped aerial tomb which exploded hamlecsly at soce @istance in the sea. She surfaced ufter two hours to release an identification smoke float for benefit of the eireraft and reached Pearl Harbor on 2 May 1942 to commence final training. FLYING FISH cleared Pearl Harbor on 17 May 1942 cs one of the 25 Facific Fleet submarines of Task Force SEVEl which vus divided into three tack groups for the defense of Midway Atoll. With eleven other submarines ehe formes the Midway Patrol Group (Task Grous 7.1) which converged west of Midway ca stations located like the points of an opening fan, ccreening ¢ the expected onslaught of the Japanace Fleet. A secor submarines (7.2) vere deployed on a scouting line east aad a little north, between Midway end Cehu, vhile’a third group of four cuvaarines (Tesi Group 7-3) covered a position sone 300 miles rorth of Gahu. FLYING FISK took stetionary patrol on 2 3-10 aile front come northwest of Midvoy on 21 May 1942 and vas ordered on station patrol on the W0-mile circle from thet atoll vhen the Historie Battle of Midway commenced on 4 June 19l2. Ever ready to intercept the fleeing eneay flect which never cane her way she closed to patrol within twelve to 20 n: 5-1 Sune, and cone clongeide the Eouth Pier at Midvay two days leter for ne patrol orders, emergency repairs, Zuel and provieions. As such, she wos the first submarine to refit et Midway. ‘The bastion of Hawaii, Midvay wes providing refit for two » Stine vithin six months, and could refit twelve, simultaneously by the close of wer, Supplied at Midway, FLYING FISH and other Pacific Fleet cutuarines Could spend more patrol time in waters of the Japanese Eupire. UsS FLYING FisH (£S 229) On 21 June 1942 FLYING FISH nut to sea from Midvey for waters of th Japanese Bupire. Enroute off Wake Ic noon of 17 June 19k2; two hits on an eneay tanker failed to explode os the dezth echanions were set too shallow. Four minutes Jeter she sent a salvo of 4 torpedoes streaking for the enemy who spotted the vakes in time to clear vith o ninble mencuver and bent on, frantic speed. Unable to overtoke the tanker for another try, ‘FLYING FISH passed off Iwo dima on 20 Jute, crossed ensxy steamer lanes from Formosa to the Yon Dazicn Streits, then sifted to traffic lenes ruaning from Formosa ena elong the Chirc coast to depen Before the morning of 1 July 1942, she let go @ salvo of three torpedoes to miss a freighter and changed course “full as the target tursed to rem. She chased this enemy to six mi the shobl water of the China Coast ins fruitless sttempt to ysin position tor a - efforts were better revarded the night of 3 July off the ccact when she fired two torpedoes for a hit on an enemy de: her search 20 miles south of Oxtnave on 14 July, crossing toweras the Philippines, then passed off ivo Jina on the i7tn end set course to terminate her first ver patrol at Midwey, 25 July 1gh2. FLYING FISH put to sea from Midway for her second wer po 19h2, and arrived on her petrol station, 15 miles north of She was eight miles from North Pass of ‘hulk Lagoon, on 26 4 sighted the masts of a KONGO Cisas battleship, screened by and vith aireraft ccver, f Cru, sileat run closed ent four torpedoes tovards the enemy battleship, oxd tvo ni by her sounduen. As Lieutenent Commander Don up a. two-block fiog hoist and blinked a imedfately answered ond picked up speed to close Lieutenant Commander Donato commenced s set-up on starboard but @ geyser of vater from on seria! erred hii and FLYING FISH dived for cover of deep vaicr. ty-six depth charges wer! heard before she returned to periscope depth almost tvo hours later to observe the two destroyers joined in their search by tvo harbor suomarine chasers and five aircraft in the field of vision. An erormous cloud o: enoke hung over the ecene of her attack ani rexained visible in the rei hours of daylight. When PLYING FIR upped periscope for # second 200 voubs directly astern and again drew the huaters. She tormenting dectroyers with salvo of torpedoes, gai seven depth charges for her trouble, then clearcd to een down for 16 hours and five minutes. Excescive engines again drew the trailing eneay destroyers to hi she went deep to evade eleven more depth charges. In tt 29 Augest she cleared the area on 2 engine to On 2 September 12 FLYING FISH cove! six miles northeast of Truk Lagoon, vat tvo torpedoes fo: biting the target. This enomy ran down the torpedo tracks to drop three depth charges close aboard os FLYING FISH passed st 160 feet depth. Ine 2