CONFIDENTIAL Subject: U.8.S. SEARAVEN - Report of Sovonth War Patrol. GENERAL REMARKS This frequency apncars to be very unstable. A weak signal at all times. Foreign station interference was presont. 16.68 KC This frequency was guarded at six hour intervals and was never picked up’ while submerged, While on tho surface during the day useing after port and starboard antennas alternately, woak signals were received. Th8se signals wore unroadablo. During Gerknoss the signals improved from S-1 to S-4 and static was about X-2 to X-3 with sli:ht interference at tims. Aftor leaving Marcus, signal strength has improved considerably. While the SD Radar is in operation, the signal are unreadable, . 12. SQUND CONDITIONS AND DENSITY LAYERS. Ng density layers were oncountered excopt one at 100° rt. at Lat 27°-27' N Long 137°-32" B, A seven degrce decreaso in tomp- erature between 100 and 120 ft. was noted, The ship would not go past this latter depth at 3 knot with a 4° dow anglo ana full left rudder was required to keep on a northerly headin: 23. HEALTH AND HABIPABILITY, Normal, 14, MILES STEAMED ENROUTE TO AND FROM STATION, Miles steamd to station 2640. Miles steamed on station 2475, Miles steamed from station 2800. FUEL EXPENDED, Pearl to Midway 171 Midway to Area’ 245838 On station 285859 Area to Midway 25,317 Lube 011 Expended. Pearl to Midway “500 Midway to Area 1,870 On station 13120 Area to Midway 1060 Close as could bo calculated. =a9l- FACTORS OF ENDURANCE REMAINING. Fuel 12,611 Gal, Fresh Water 900 Gal: Provisions 20 Days Torpedoes 20 Personnel 20 Days Inbricating 011 940 Gal, FACTOR CAUSING ENDING THIS PATROL, Exeessive expenditure of lubricating oil. REMARKS, No romrks. A16~3 1) EAYY KO, 1504 Serial 031 Care of Connander Submarine Fores, Pacific Fleet, Subordinate Soanand, LID: Commander in Chier, U.S, Fleet. (1) Commnder Sutaarine Fore, Pacific Fleet. (2) Commander “in Chic?, U.S. Paciric Fiaet. Sudject. U.S.S. SEARAVIN ~ Report of Seventh Yar Patrol. de ane SGARAVIN spend nineteen days in the assisned tae peo ee yca7S, Pecomnod tering MARCUS TSLSRD on hor senenee velunbles the eeeomeaets were ade, but some were oxcced iiss; TaEly eoerte SHARAVN'S movenents' ware sonewhat hinpered. Sp bakly smoking e S The radar contact made on July 13 was on “ING FISH, who reported sichting the SSARAVSN at G0%0. 3. 7 he fual - lub expenditure ratio during the Ber abot 20 to 1. At this rate the 42,61 gale or 2c Sho grnimstion of the patrol would havé boon expondod store ins Peppeals of lubricating of] vas the factor sausina cortinction ee ae eel fae eorne Owe. To arrive at sIDIAY with 9006 maticn Paveel,lapproxinately 10; of capacity) 3600 gallons soot densa have been expended on station. This 1s about 134 of tas coe faye more an weer ation» and Would have provided for at least two days more on station,