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START OF REEL JOB NO. 2 OPERATOR 224O DATE tl eG MICROFILM IS PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES MICROFILMED BY NPPSO—NAVAL DISTRICT WASHINGTON MICROFILM SECTION Witt Sena Se Wo Naren, Wits Geer \s IEQISED Forder loa Sewungy QA= ne NS Gasuer Nireik ROGR WES Mitek Ups Coston. Office of Naval Records and History Ship's Histories Seetion Navy Department HISTORY OF USS BREAM (SS 243) USS BREAM (85 243), commissioned late in the var, neverthe less had a Wide variety of duty. She struck at enemy shipping gn five of her six var patrols, took a severe depth charging from an enomy destroyer in shallow water and ended the war res- cuing downed aviators. Many of the aviators had fallen into mine fields which made rescue operations much more hazardous USS BREAM was built by the Electric Boat Company, Groton, Connecticut, Her keel was laid on 5 February 1943 and’ she vas launched on’27 October 1943. Mra. W. G. Chapple of Annapolis, Maryland, wife of Commander MW. G. Chapple, USN, vho vas BREAM's first commanding offiecr, served ae sponsor. The nev submarine vas commissioned on 2h January 194%, After a brief shakedown cruise along the east coast of the United States, USS BREAN transited the Panama Canal end continued on to the Aduivalty Islands via Pearl Harbor. USS _BREAM stood out from the Admiralty Islands on her first war Patrol to te conducted in the Halmahera Islands area. Thr: special missions vere conducted and three cargo ships vere dam- aged in two separate submerged attacks. Ono sproad of six tor. pedoos damaged tvo cargo ships. Tt was believed the victims Wore destroyed but in the absence of positive evidence of sink ing, damage only ves assessed. A subsequent night attack on a convoy Was thwarted by an alert escort vessel. While diving from a plane one night, the conning tover hatch gasket fell partly out of its seat. Before BREAM could surface, Shough water was taken in to flood the pump room and flood all electrical equipment. BREAM returned to the Admiralty Telands on the 22th of June and was awarded the Submarine Combat Insignia. USS BURYALE and relicf crew of Submarine Division 181 effected a refit and BREAM got undorvay from Seoadicr Harbor on the 21st of July 1944 enroute to the entrance of Davao Guif for her second war patrol. At O54 on 29 July, when almost in sight of Davao Gulf, @ fire broke out over the port main engine, starting cork, and insulation in the cables to burning. After heroic efforts on the part of four crewmenters, the fire vas oxtinguished. Nothing was sighted in the area and on 1 August, BREAM sailed for anew ares off Mindanao, arriving the folloving day. At 1705 on 5 August, & hoavily armed travior vas cvaded. BREAM went back along the travlerts wake to see if anything vas fol- lowing but found nothing.