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THE SOUND PATTERN OF ENGLISH NOAM CHOMSKY MORRIS HALLE ‘The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England ‘To Roman Jakobson nt MT Ps ppt 691 (965,191 Nm Choma ed Ma ae ‘red pt tc a 2 fy any eon oe cel ee etc no nti sg ee) ‘stot wasp ine i Sats Ame hy of ings Cengig o Po Dae Chany, Noam, "oad in gh Noe Chay. Moi a tiny eit New Yok Hoper& Row, 1968 Only aed ine sa bag = Tehsil ics). avez ais imo gan) ‘Lidia, 2 aps ibapr—Gnnmar eave Pauses fn rs an sos fee ——™ PREFACE TO THE PAPERBACK EDITION nepal eon think worms ge te at ‘uve propa selena ngs sled tan ‘alse pnmutecnes me dvhpb® Whdcow ert popes aspen ‘tetas inde pectin rghor eon ecirmatersed Ins 9 ont enemies tase ye cpa cng te ‘hat ps en Jenne pfeil wir sins es, ‘te ts ayia, ere nto eu et ay ft ‘bi, my een is bok thin Ouse at wth tes ine af es ss [BeprtlaSPEbre yond yn Moco hee seen espn at equ spo wat ba esa impatese wes meta wel a only nt ents slept oy af ‘en apa (Gael Amrst)o oe a nscale ‘aig so te thr ed naa te eal econ tte a por ‘ooo ht cnt og sa wer ang td nena ih sabes opts eect jae epg eho PREFACE ‘Tue 9 of Ei sound rz an ti pot om wn poe tana tpt ops dese ad ema yf poeple it ‘gh, We el th or nok hs aa arash plat eee esol ote ‘inne pri aay eer ec ea ete ‘in! nae tay wih eons epaton ta fae oveiston wih ‘tesa prerelease ve pret ‘hcg yl be tat mea reat nigh” lng en dca {2 Ciger Nissi nd sean soto, We ve Sed op it iy ae prt ner Sag in bape tnt tl sat ‘Sono Sse ur ad pape nae te vets he ime ao ‘Steins uth oh wh Emp, posing he ne rt a ton fot ‘thr mp and ening ua harping (eno 0 engin an a) oe tonapal ng on rh is be “Tbk erp i Towing way, Prt ¥ opens with an ratory tort, Chaper On, ih hero sis te ely lf Cape “Tro af ue our maar codnioes wh repute snd the posal ‘Engine cnn Av dace atte pul implton of waked {pep roe o the coton dr whisk Sows a Stare wh rel sete a CharT fe eu ht eed es ‘ono Eagl sn ute anti ieing sess sf Engh losog a devcope Th alae ted apr Fr ic oer et $e pray emp in Pur Ione ool of Eg tary Sop oa nn the exposion sa ays Srl aie pe intl lon hd tr Tart doo pneege hy. Terma dain na Ui ended oon nde hy pessoa ho ant I Pat ses