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Teacher Candidate: Danielle Hopkins UW-Platteville HPE Program Physical Education Lesson Plan Template Lesson Title Autumn

Swimming Adapted Aquatics Lesson 3 Unit Swimming Day# 3 Grade level(s)/Course Elementary Level Date taught Taught on May 2nd, 2013

Textbook, Instructional Program, or Web Resource referenced to guide your instruction Title Adapted Aquatics Check List Autumns specific made checklist Publisher University of Wisconsin-Platteville HPE Department Danielle Hopkins Date of Publication 2013 District, school or cooperating teacher requirement or expectations that might influence your planning or delivery of instruction. Fennimore School District: Expectations related to improvement to water comfort ability and motor skills. Amount of time devoted each day or week in your classroom to the content or topic of your instruction. 30 Minutes Describe how ability grouping or tracking (if any) affects your planning and teaching of this content. One on one work influences planning. List any other special features of your school or classroom that will affect the teaching of this lesson. All activities will take place in the pool.

INFORMATION ABOUT STUDENTS AND THEIR LEARNING NEEDS Total # of students: 1 Special Needs Students: Category
Students with IEPs

# of Males: 0 # of Females: 1 Number of Accommodations and/or pertinent IEP Objectives Students 1 Student will wear a life jacket at all times while in or around the pool. She will also have a kick board to hang on to that will help adjust to the inability to control her right side. Instructor physical assistance is needed constantly.

English Language Learners

Gifted and Talented


Autism or other special needs (Emotional-Behavioral Disorders)

Use information here to complete the Differentiated Instruction and Classroom Management prompt within actual lesson plan.


Skill Development 1. Basic Skill Instruction TSW review the basic skills they have learned throughout their swimming experience. These skills include floating, gliding, kicking, and arm movements. A checklist will be used to check their basic skills. 2. Application of Skills TSW apply the basic skills of kicking and arm moving to the SpongeBob swimming activity. TSW use her kick and arm scoops to move herself through the pool to complete the activity. 3. Fitness Benefits Skill Related Fitness Life Skills 5. Effort

TSW enhance their fine and gross motor skills 6. Goal Setting throughout the lesson by working different muscle TSW reach her goal of going underwater and willingly put groups of the body. Enhancing these skills will her face in the water throughout this lesson. allow her to participate in more challenging activities. 7. Communication
4. Health Related Fitness

Introduction Total time: 10 Activity One: Basic Skills/Review: Student will get into the water when comfortable. Review the following: -flutter kick -arm motion for front crawl -back float -front float -glides *emphasize getting face in water Aligns with objective 1 and 3. Planned Transitions Talk and ask Autumn if she likes SpongeBob (she does SpongeBob will be incorporated into the next activity

Formations / Cues


This activity will take place in the shallow end of Use the checklist specifically made for Autumn to the pool. Usually Autumn will ask to sit on the assess her on her skills during this activity. The edge of the pool for a few minutes before she is checklist can be found attached to the lesson ready to get in the pool by using the ramp. plan. Remember to use simple cues when teaching: Santa belly, chin up, big scoops.

Main Activities / Total time: 20

Formations / Cues


Activity Two: Swimming to SpongeBob: Scatter the laminated pictures of SpongeBob around This will take place throughout the shallow area of The shallow end area. Tell Autumn we have to the pool. Remember to enforce swimming cues Assessment will be based on observation did Save them all before Planktons army comes and such as big scoops and flutter kicks. she swim to each picture? Did she use her big Gets them!

scoops and correct kicking motion?

Autumn will have to perform the front crawl to save All her SpongeBob friends. Perform game until she becomes distracted.
Aligns with objective 2 and 3.

Planned Transitions Ask Autumn if she likes Scooby-Doo (She does Scooby Doo will be incorporated into The next activity)

Encourage the student to blow bubbles out of her Activity Three: nose throughout this activity. Activity will take Diving for Scooby: place in the shallow end. Have Autumn throw the rings where ever she wants To. Have student go under water to retrieve the Rings. Show student her incentive (Scooby doo) Prize.
Encourage going underwater throughout activity. Aligns with objective 6 and 3. Cool-down / Total time: 5 Lesson objective(s): Basic Skill and Review 1 and 3 Swimming to SpongeBob 2 and 3 Diving for Scooby 6 and 3

Assessment will be done through success of the activity. Did the student go under water?

Formations / Assessment Strategy The Student will show her learned skills in the water and be able to show improvement throughout the review of her basic skills. A checklist will be used to measure improvements. The student will then apply the basic skills to swimming the front crawl while participating in a swimming game. The student will challenge herself by overcoming her fear of submerging her face in the water. Throughout the lesson, incentives such as SpongeBob and Scooby Doo will be used to encourage such improvements.

Assessment at the end of the lesson -for the second time, go through the checklist to review basic skills. -Did all of her SpongeBob friends get saved? Why or why not? -Depending if she submerged her face in the water Will we do that again? Why didnt we do that? -Can you show me the proper kicking and scooping motions of the front crawl?

Equipment needs Life Jacket Rings Pictures of SpongeBob and friends Scooby Doo incentive Differentiated Instruction

Safety Considerations -Do not enter pool without me -Always walking around the pool at all times -Absolutely no running

Modify equipment: Use kickboard, use different characters to hold Autumns attention and interest Modify Task: More/Less physical assistance during activities Modify Instruction: Short verbal cues

Classroom Management/Democratic Practices -System of counting by the time I reach 3, student needs to be back on task -Repetition of using students name -If behavior is very bad, use mom as a guide/help. She attends the swimming lessons and student listens to mom most of the time.

Activity Formations and or field diagrams:

Student will be in the shallow end of the pool at all times.

Possible Community Resources: University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pool. Public Pool in the summer.