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Child: Ebado Date: September Written by: Natasha Kia ora/As-salamu alikum Ebado and whnau, This month

Ebado you have been telling me you want to join your sister at group time in the Tui group, not be with your two year old peers in the kiwi group. At first I thought you were wishing to stay with your sister, but then you told me I want Quran. You could see T. Huda was taking the Tui Group time and was reciting Quran, while the Kiwi group were practicing counting and knew which you wanted to learn. You have really enjoyed sitting with the older children, sitting nicely, following instructions and remaining engaged for the full 30minutes-55minutes. Review of learning Ebado I can see you are developing the positive learning disposition of confidence through expressing yourself verbally. When you expressed yourself verbally I was also able to see you are capable of setting your own goals, recognize learning, value and enjoy learning. Where to next? This coming month onwards we will offer you the choice of group you wish to join, as well as continue to encourage you setting your own goals by asking you what you want to achieve for the week as well as daily. Your teachers will begin focusing more on the Islamic knowledge you have as well as scaffolding this knowledge this term. This will strengthen connections while building up your confidence as a Muslim.