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December Spelunky Player's League Season Begins December 1, 2013 January 18, 2013 (7 weeks)

Number of Players: 10-30 players Prize: $20 steam wallet code (maybe more) Outline of the point scoring system 1 point for every level completed 1 point for the following items (these items must be collected in order) 1. Udjet Eye 2. Ankh 3. Hedjet 4. Sceptre (Killing anubis) 5. Book to Hell 1 point for highest end score 1 point for the fastest Olmec Kill Items and glitches that are banned Items Jetpack Teleport Glitches The mummy glitch that you can get multiple hearts from his vomit Any violation of these rules will result in a 0 (ZERO) It is 4 points for the mines, 4 points for the jungle, 4 points for the ice caves, 4 points for the temple, 4 points for hell. Total points possible: 27 points

Total points overall possible: 270 points (10 sessions each) The player with the most points over 10 sessions will receive the said prize. There will be a playoff if there is a tie

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