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Child: Nusayba Date: September 2013 Written by: T.


A, B, C, D ,E,F, G, H, I where is I? I could hear you calling out from the under two classroom. I decided to come and have a look at what letters you were trying to find. T. Bushra had put out the smaller foam letters we had used this morning in the over two classroom. I could see you were connecting the squares that contained the silhouette of the letters to form the alphabet! You continued looking for all the letters, trying to fit them underneath when the line got too long. You spent a significant amount of time working on this puzzle, when you finished your mother had started working and you called out Om-mi clapping as you smiled proudly at your completed puzzle.

Review of learning I enjoyed hearing you clearly, with precision and clarity express your ideas and emotions both verbally and through gestures. You responded with awe and excitement at your accomplishment, recoginising the learning. I can also see your fine motor skills and spatial awareness are becoming strengths.

Where to next? Your mother tells me you are leaving to visit family for a month in Malaysia, how exciting! Your teachers are eager to hear about your trip when you return. Because of this I will wait to you return to observe you, talk to your parents to check your progress before making individual plan for you. On arrival I will focus on ensuring your sense of belonging and well-being at An-Nur and making connections between your family/Malaysia/holiday and school/New Zealand. Hopefully this could include you sharing your trip with your teachers and peers.