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Child: Shahzaib Date: September 2013 Written by: Teacher Natasha Haere mai/Ahlan wa sahlan to the over two

classroom at An-Nur Shahzaib! Your teachers and peers are excited to have you joining us, and we are all looking forward to getting to know you. Your teachers are: Natasha, Huda, Ursula, Bushra and Asma who comes over the lunch period. You were already familiar with our classroom before attending, as you would often come and drop off as well as pick up your older sister Wajiha. I can see Wajiha is a great comfort to you as you start settling in, often you will go to her for cuddles when Mum leaves. During the day you will continue to check your sister is still visible and often stay close to her, even as you begin establishing friendships with your peers. This month you have shown an interest in construction/manipulation in particular the duploa blocks, as well as enjoying the outdoors often smiling as you race around on the motorbike ride on with your peers. Review of learning Shahzaib I can see you are taking an interest in your new environment as you choose to be involved and engage in play alone, alongside peers and with peers. This demonstrates to me that you are developing the positive learning dispositions of curiosity, trust, playfulness and courage. These are essential dispositions which will be an asset in your life long journey of learning. Where to next? Shahzaib I want to focus on your sense of belonging and well-being at An-Nur as you become more familiar with the routines and customs of school life, to facilitate the continued development of trust, playfulness, courage and curiosity. I plan to co-create your learning environment, focusing on your observed interests, strenghtening links between home, centre and the wider environment and providing you a familiar and predictable routine. This will include a primary caregiving system which will mirror what you are used to at home, while introducing you to all your teachers as you establish new attachments.