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Program Evaluation Plan: Compass Learning (Odyssey)

Group 1: Dee Dee Aldrich, Chris Burken, Barbie Montgomery, and Lynnea Urbanowicz

Program and Evaluation Needs:

Compass Learning has a 30-year history gathering data to evaluate the effectiveness of its student achievement solutions using online learning. Needs: -Justify the costs of the program -Assess impact on student NWEA MAP scores -Assess the attitudes students, parents and teachers have toward the utilization the program -Monitor engagement and frequency of use

Program Logic Model:

Assistant superintendent of learning: In charge of curricular support. Administrators: Responsible for establishing expectations for use and data collection. Students: Utilizing the program from the four elementary schools in Glen Ellyn with program users in grades K-5. Parents: Provides home support. Community Members: Hold stake in education. School board: Elected members who make final operational decisions for the district. Teachers: Responsible for monitoring student use and progress.

Stakeholder Checklist:

Evaluation Purpose and Questions:

The purpose of this evaluation is to identify whether use of the Compass Learning program leads to an increase of student MAP scores. The evaluation will, additionally, determine how often the program is accessed by students in the district. The results will be used to determine the cost-benefit of the program on a district level and next steps with regard to training and accessibility so that the program is implemented in a way that supports the students of District 41.

Evaluation Design: Data Collection

Google Form surveys: Google Student, Teacher and Parent Survey Directed to teachers, students, and parents Examples:
What do you like best about Odyssey? (students) What is the biggest strength of the program? (parents) What features do you find most helpful when planning instruction? (teachers)

Documentation of results Google Form spreadsheet of data from NWEA and MAP

Evaluation Design: Sampling and Audience:

Sampling 4th and 5th Grade students across 4 elementary schools All parents and teachers with students utilizing Compass in grades 4-5 Audience Teachers
Improve instruction? Rigorous? Positive result?


Do parents understand the purpose in using this program? Can the students access the program frequently? Are they? Is the program cost effective? Is the program yielding desired results?

Students Superintendent for Student Learning School Board


Evaluation Budget
Most money is budgeted toward personnel analyzing the data for over 800 students.

Group Credentials

- Work as 4th and 5th grade teachers - Used Compass for 1 years - Trained for a total of 9 hours on Compass

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