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Enzo Ferrari and Luigi Chinetti

Racecar driver for Alpha Romeo in 1930s

Founded Ferrari with Luigi Chinetti in 1946

Enzo was the soul and Luigi was the brains behind the business Europe was recovering from WWII so Ferrari focused on the United States 1948 First production Ferrari 166M Barchetta

The Quintessential Ferrari 275

Introduced in 1964 First road car to be suitable for racing Birth of the Grand Tourismo (GT) Class Helped build Ferraris reputation GTO vs GTB Pininfarina

One of the Greatest Cars Ever Made

Ferrari F40 Enzo Ferraris last car Twin Turbo V8 40th Anniversary Ferrari MSRP: $250,000 First Production Car Capable of 200 mph (1987-1992)

Management of Service/Manufacturing
Maranello, Italy 4,700 cars built per year Large proportion built in house Machine/Casting Shop 3,000 workers One person per engine Working environment Linking creativity to quality Many facilities Visionary planning

The Ferrari Culture: Quality Is Key

Environmental Culture Exotic Italian factory Trees and exotic scenery Models everywhere Building for every department Organizational Culture Strict working hours for precision Keeps owners involved with racing events

Ferraris Ethics
Precision True Enthusiast Quality Racing Heritage Exclusivity Giving Back

Ferrari World
Where Passion and Soul Come To Life
Located In Abu Dhabi, UAE Largest Indoor Structure Latest Theme Park Technology Formula Rossa Realistic Ferrari Experience Opened in 2010
Easy to navigate Latest News Member login for exclusivity Menu is clear and simple

The Current Ferraris




458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia: Calling All Challengers

Introduced in 2009 Current benchmark of its class Only rear engine Ferrari currently made MSRP: $230,000

Books Used For Research

Ferrari: The Road From Maranello Denis Adler (Foreword by) Luigi Chinetti, Jr. Ferrari: The Man, The Machines Stan Grayson Enzo Ferrari 50 Years of Motoring Piero Casucci Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Cars, The Races Brock Yates