Matilda Enjoys the Park With Her Son

By Elton Camp Matilda has lots of fun In the park with her son “I take York there every day. For I just love to see him play.” “His every move I carefully see. Thus free from danger he’ll be.” “Because York is such a loving child The thought of harm drives me wild” “Anybody who doesn’t treat him right Is certainly going to have me to fight!” “Once another mom on a park bench sat. She wouldn’t let York play with her brat.” “I told her my child was smarter than hers And a more worthy playmate prefers.” “An old man ordered York to go away. My whack on his head made him pay.” “Canine children are the very best. More loving and loyal than the rest.” “So anyone who speaks against my son Had better be prepared to hide or run.”

Matilda and York in the park

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