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COMMENT Reducing poverty is one of the most important tasks of the state.

In this regard, since 2005, the program provides cash transfers Together social bimonthly S /. 200 households in poverty and extreme poverty conditional on meeting commitments that promote access to education and health control and nutrition of children and pregnant women. The empirical literature, among which is the study by Jaramillo and Sanchez (2011), accounts for the positive results we have together. Thus, the expansion of the beneficiaries of this program results in economic growth and social development. SUGGESTIONS Refers to the need to continue the removal of natural resources at a detailed level, giving priority to the agricultural areas of highest potential for development. Soil studies in particular must be made without delay and with a practical approach that allows use by the greatest number of specialists in the various disciplines related to agricultural production, but keeping within the context of modern classifications to use the experiences gained in other countries comparable soils. Wisely To use soil resources need to reconcile these features with optimal use according to their capacity. This may mean relocation of agricultural and forestry production, which in a relatively short period would result not only in increased production, but also in improved natural resource conservation.