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Area of Mastery: Evaluation Title of Artifact: Instructional Program Evaluation Plan

This document was developed for ETR 531: Program Evaluation taught by Dr. Johnson. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of appropriate evaluation techniques. My group chose to focus on developing an evaluation plan for Compass Learning, a program that has recently been implemented in District 41 in order to increase student achievement on the NWEA MAP test and further prepare them to be college and career ready. The development of this program evaluation occurred in phases during the course. Our group, Dee Dee Aldrich, Chris Burken, Barbie Montgomery, and Lynnea Urbanowicz, spent time working together on the selection of this program for evaluation. We then divided the questions and tasks as indicated in parentheses. Section 1.1, Program Description, provides background information about Compass Learning and the programs history, the size of the program and the locations of its use (myself). This section goes on to outline the directors of this program and the organization or explanation of how the program was introduced to the district (Dee Dee Aldrich). Section 1.2, Evaluation Needs, provides an explanation why an evaluation is needed and what type of evaluation (formative, summative, and/or confirmative) will be used (Chris Burken). This section also identifies the stakeholders in this process and the resources available for conducting an evaluation (Barbie Montgomery). Section 1.3, Evaluation Purpose Statement, simply provides a succinct statement identifying the purpose of the evaluation (Barbie Montgomery). The Program Logic Model is

a more in depth look at the stakeholders involved and the evaluation questions being used. Additionally, much of this assignment was completed together as a group through our group workspace. The development of each section and the presentation itself was completed in Google Docs while in an Adobe connect session so that we could communicate with each other while we completed various section. Through the development of this evaluation plan, I was struck with the amount of steps and work that goes into constructing a reliable evaluation plan. The budget that we research exceeded 10,000 dollars, but after reflection, I realized how important this process would actually be for our district to take into consideration in order to evaluate the impact and results this program truly has on student learning and achievement.