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Vaginal Discharge Causes Symptoms .

-Fluor albus

Chlamydia trachomatis

.- purulent exudate or mukopurulen seen in endocervical

.- cervical fragile .-bleed easily be postcoitus or intermenstrual bleeding .-Fluor albus .-endocervicitis is purulent, thin and somewhat smelly .-dysuria, dyspareunia .-lower abdominal pain, fever .-nausea and vomiting .-usually asymptomatic .-vaginal discharge is thick, foulsmelling,greenish yellow color

Neisseria gonorrhoeae Sexually Transmitted

Trichomonas vaginalis

.-infection also occurs inflammation of the vagina and cervix

.-sometimes found in minor bleeding with ulceration of the cervix .-pruritus on the vulva

.-Fluor albus white, odorless or smell sour vulvovaginalis candidiasis Candida albicans .-vaginal wall is normally the picture of a lump of cheese (cottage cheese) .-sense of hot/burning

.-dysuria and dispareuni

.-Fluor albus homogeneous, white-gray to yellowish with foul or fishy odor Gardnerella .-attached to the walls of the vagina, bacterial vaginosis vaginalis often appear on the labia .-vaginal anaerobes in the form snoring discharge .-Fluor albus sometimes accompanied by blood .-Vaginal discharge that occurs in because of foreign objects and the process of children, the very suspicion caused by malignancy foreign objects .-there is infection, especially by anaerobic bacteria,purulent discharge may form .-The most common cause of pathological fluor albus is infected. Here the fluid containing many leukocytes and slightly yellowish color to green, often more thick and smelly