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Bulk Fuel Spreader

General Information
The KOCH MVT Bulk Fuel Spreader: a good example of new ideas in the waste and sludge incineration. Efficient utilization of available landfills is an important aspect of modern environmental and waste disposal technology. Accordingly, the amount of waste and residual materials for disposal must be reduced to a minimum. We are prepared to meet this challenge. One good example of innovative thinking is KOCH MVT's Bulk Fuel Spreader. The Bulk Fuel Spreader is the best possible solution for

Direct feeding of incinerators Homogenous feeding of incinerators, bins and stores Reliable and continuous feeding Crushing and homogenous distribution of the material Designed for low maintenance operation

Features and Benefits Installation in existing and new plants Even parabolic spreading action for distances up to 10 m

Optimal grain size reduction Hydraulically powered for smooth Operation Perfected air and water cooling System for mechanical parts ex-posed to high radiant heat Feeding controlled by series screw feeder or direct connection to a pump System

Application area:

Filter cake Wood chips Sewage sludge Coal Sludge

Paper sludge others

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